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Has Dating Girl Become Distant Im

She Seems More Distant

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23 Oct In fact, the more interest you show – the more she seems to back away! What to Do When a Girl is Acting Cold and Distant? Before we can talk about what to do if she begins to act cold and distant, you must learn why a girl acts distant and cold in the first place. If your girlfriend is suddenly acting cold and. 25 Feb My situation: My buddy has a relationship with a HB10 for like a year now. Actually I was really happy when I started dating this girl cause she is the most beautiful girl I ever dated. So I try to avoid treating her like a princess but I did let my guard down a few times already by being too sweet and nice. 21 Oct I started seeing this new girl and got her number. Talked a lot in texting and shared so much thing's with each other. We shared secrets and told about our life and everything. For a week, thing's were awesome, we talked all night texting (4- 5 hours daily) but now all of a sudden she's seems distant and not.

Join Date Aug Gender: Got this line from askmen. My buddy has a relationship with a HB10 for like a year now. I always felt very very attracted to her but obviously I will never act on that. But turns out she has a sister. She saw pictures of me and told her sister my buddy's girl I was hot. So long story short she added me on Facebook, started chasing me, we were talking more and more, I did everything to be a challenge for her and it worked, got into a relationship.

Honeymoon period since then. Actually I was really happy Girl Im Dating Has Become Distant I started dating this girl cause she is the most beautiful girl I ever dated. I do realize how beta this sounds. Hate to say this but I have freaking butterflies for this girl. Anyway I really try too avoid being too sweet and available.

My first problem is that she is freaking gorgeus and its hard sometimes not too treat her like a princess. I know when I'll start doing that I gonna loose her cause I'll be the nice guy.

So I try to avoid treating her like a princess but I did let my guard down a few times already by being too sweet and nice. She does really treat me nice and I love it. Although she has a bad temper sometimes. Anyway just yesterday we had a little argument, and she was doubting if I really cared for her.

So I thought what the heck I just gonna be honest: I told her I havent felt this way for a girl in a long time.

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After I said that she kissed me and hugged me and looked at me with a very in-love stare and we made love.

She also apologised to me for getting mad over nothing. However perhaps I should've just walked away when she was acting irrational in stead of that I acted calm and patient.

You shouldn't be giving her much more attention than she's giving you in return. Everything has been progressing nicely and we seem to get along great and she has said she enjoys spending time with me. Age 30 Posts Any advice is very welcome.

But it did seem to work cause she ended up apologising. However today she acted cold distant and didnt even call me "baby" like she ALWAYS does, and didnt really pay much attention to me.

Did I made a mistake by telling her how I feel about her? Should I kept it a mystery? And now should I act cold and distant untill she chases me again?

Updates to previous posts are allowed as well. A day later she tells me she wants to talk and basically feels like we shouldn't be going out yet, she wanted to take things slow which she did say early on but I guess got swept up with me as well. Your comment about not taking things to fast because she just got out of a relationship, may have opened her eyes a bit Reduce contact, get busy. After that, i think she was faking her interest but now she's again interested and talking, sharing stuff with me on her own wish.

When we just met each other she was always the one chasing me, but lately I call her every morning and stuff. Am I letting my guard down too much by giving her too much attention?

I messed my last relationship up by putting the girl on a pedestal and chasing her too much. I read a lot on this forums and promised myself to not let this happen again. However I find myself in this situation Girl Im Dating Has Become Distant, putting her on a pedestal because of her beauty, and I have to act before I lose another beautiful women by letting her take over the power.

I've been seing her every day. Shall I stop doing this and cut back to times a week? Also in the beginning I made her chase me and always waited for het to iniate contact. When I got comfortable I started calling her and iniating contact. Should I just stop chasing her, relax, and if she doesnt chase me just next her? Any advice is very welcome.

Girl Im Dating Has Become Distant

Join Date Jan Gender: Location Accra Age 28 Posts 1, Acting distant actually makes it transparent. Join Date Nov Gender: Age 31 Posts I'm in the same boat homie I have absolutely no idea what happened between me and my girl, but after I told her I've been feeling more for her, thats when shit seemed to go south. Its funny, the minute you see them starting to fade away you grasp for anything or say anything to keep her around.

I'm quitting that habit and going more along the lines of what philamon said. Don't stress about what you may or may not click here done because obviously theres nothing you can do to change that. Don't let it linger in your head, it'll just eat away at you Join Date Dec Gender: Hey man, nice job scooping up the HB10 It sounds like you did everything right to get into the relationship stage with her, but once you're in a relationship with her there is no need to act so cold and distant towards her.

You can ease up on that stuff a lot once you're in Girl Im Dating Has Become Distant relationship with her.

It sounds like she was confused if you really liked her or not since you were still acting cold and distant when you were in a relationship with her. When you told her how you really felt about her that was exactly what she wanted to hear I say this especuially because of the "very in-love stare" she gave you after you told her. Also, is it possible she's PMSing? That could be the reason she finally asked you if you really cared for her because her emotions got the better of her she might have been thinking about it for a while and the reason she "acted cold distant and didnt even call you "baby" like she ALWAYS does, and didnt really pay much attention to you" because she was just in a bad mood.

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Distant

My ex-girlfriend used to be PMSing sometimes and not even know it. Disregard everything been saying" You think girls would realize it by now after getting the damn thing every month for the past years haha. Fianlly, I wouldn't call her every morning. That can come off as a little too much even if you are already in a relationship with her.

Just stay calm and pull it back a bit. You don't have to be completely cold and distant, just don't be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum either.

Signs Your Girlfriend Is Distant and Cold

Try and find a middle ground. You shouldn't be giving her much more attention than she's giving you in return. Actually I am afraid that after I got her I became way too available. We talk every day for hours.

I think if dont change this she going to loose intrest and attraction. I remember one great line I used when we were just started too talk. I greeted her by saying: Wow thats a dissapointment! But yankee you got me wrong. I am not acting cold.

I am Girl Im Dating Has Become Distant I am acting way too lovey dovey now that I have her. In the past I got my heart broken by my exgirlfriends because I becane way too available and treated them like queens. I do not want too make the same mistake with this one. Anyway thanks a lot for the replies guys. Philemon I gonna look up your material. Well I didn't contact her in anyway yesterday, and when I woke up this morning there was a textmessage on my phone: I really miss you.

Age 45 Posts I think you're on the right track on there is some good advice. Basically, have fun, be a friend, be a lover, but still have a life of your own. Go out with the guys, have legitimate reasons why you can't talk or hang out.

Girl Im Dating Has Become Distant

You'll be happier and she'll be happier. Age 30 Posts So he's suddenly distant By pharmer12 in forum Newbie Discussion Forum. Distant Hb9 By sjm in forum The Forum. Question on LDR and becoming Distant By dsm2m2 in forum Relationships.

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