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Joys of Muslim Women

My words to live by because i just watched hunger games and i cant stop crying!!! !! I keep thinking that that movie is going to give me nightmares and scare me for the next few weeks even months but then i remember to trust in the Lord to give me strength and that he will protect me and erase anything of this world from my. Joys of Muslim Women by Nonie Darwish. In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 1 year old and have sexual intimacy with this child, consummating the marriage by 9. The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the. Forwarded article attributed to Egyptian-born Christian convert Nonie Darwish warns that radical Islamists aim to destroy western civilization by imposing Sharia law on the entire world. Description: Forwarded email. Circulating since: Oct. Status: Incorrect attribution (see details below). Example: Email text contributed.

This email has been circulating around for quite a while. I myself received it few times from non-Muslim friends. But it was only recently that I took the matter more seriously. It was then that I realized that what we may consider outrageous and absurd may constitute undisputable facts for others.

Here is a brief response to many of the claims made above. I do acknowledge that some of the claims would require more elaborate answer. First the author contradicts herself by saying that a man can have a sexual intimacy with a child as young as one, but marriage is consummated at 9. Sexual initmacy is only allowed after marriage is consummated.

As far as marriage, it can only be done with the consent of the woman. Recorded by Abu Dawud, Hadith Islam did not set any specific age for marriage. Instead, it left it to the customs of time and place we live in. In 7th century Arabia, marriages used to happen at an earlier age because people used to mature at an earlier age. The one rule Islam put is to Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish any sexual activity before the age of puberty. This is very well established in Islamic law and no Muslim would dispute that.

The Quran describes the relationship between a read article and a woman in the most beautiful terms such as:. If a woman is abused, she has various ways of exiting her marital relationship.

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This is more powerful than divorce since such nullification is considered final whereas divorce is not. If later, a woman develops a dislike for her husband, then she has the options to terminate her marriage.

Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish says the goal of radical Islamists is to impose Shariah law on the world, ripping Western law and liberty in two. Again, just look at the case of Sakineh in Iran. Like Christian fundamentalists, your arrogance smothers any rationality or critical thought capacity.

Above all, we should remember that in Islam marriage is a delicate balance between the rights and responsibilities of both the husband and wife. Consider the following verse from the Quran:. As for rape outside marriage, Islam reserves the punishment to the man who committed the crime. In short, all Islamic jurisprudence schools agree that it is the rapist who is to be punished not the victim.

He hits her in the beginning of the day and sleeps with her at the end of the day? But Sunni Muslims have authentic narrations that the Http://hookupslvl.info/date-hookup/34183418p-dating-34183418d.php himself forbade it:. I keep thinking to myself how stupid and brainwashed do you have to be?

But the reality is that a strong anti-Muslim coalition is controlling the image and perception of islam and their distorted lies are being Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish as truth to the masses especially online.

We need real and to the point responses to counter this junk that can be easily found online. I personally know of no credible site that efficiently and effectively answers these sort of attacks in a non-demeaning way. We need more people like you. This was one Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish the few articles I have read which was directly to the point. It rebuked the proof-less accusations of the kuffar wal murtaddeen may allah guide the kuffar who have no knowledge or understanding, and punish and humiliate the murtaddeen and the kuffar who do have knowledge but reject the truth.

Allah has commanded the woman that when her husband approaches her, that she not refuse him. There are narrations that if a man wants sex but the woman refuses it and so the man goes to sleep angry, then the angels will condemn her until the husband forgives her. The wife is obliged to obey her husband if he calls her to his bed, and if she refuses then she is sinning, because of the report narrated by al-Bukhaari and Muslim from Abu Hurayrah may Allaah be pleased with himthat the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him said: Shaykh al-Islam [Ibn Taymiyah] may Allaah have mercy on him said: She has to obey him if he calls her to his bed, and this is a duty that is obligatory upon her.

It is a sin, but the husband is not allowed to force her, but in the opposite, he should admonish her…then REFUSE to share bed with her the irony. And this is agreed and in some maddhhabs it is punishable by Shariah for the man who forces his wife in such manner. I think you did not mention honor Amputee Angles In Math here is a little fatwa from islamqa.

Honor killings ofcourse being haraam, and punishable by equal punishment i. I would like to know what the ruling on Here killings would be and how it should be punished acording to the Laws of the Shariat. Praise be to Allaah. Killing a Muslim unlawfully is a serious matter and a grave crime. Allaah says interpretation of the meaning:. The Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him has explained to us the reasons for which it becomes permissible to shed this blood.

From this it is clear that zina on the part of one who is married is one of the reasons that make it permissible to kill a person, but the zaani adulterer cannot be killed unless two conditions are met:.

He should be previously-married. The scholars have explained what is meant by previously-married in this case. The previously-married person, whether male or female, is any adult of sound mind who has previously had intercourse within a valid marriage.

I know a number of people who have converted to Islam and, as far as I know, all they needed to do to be recognized as Muslim was to say the shahada. No matter how many scholars have studied fiqh and debated issues of sharia, or even reached a consensus about them, none of them are infallible or immune to the biases of their own time; they thus cannot claim to know for sure the true will of God. Finally, I have no illusion of knowledge, nor am I stopping in my efforts to gather knowledge. And, yes, if that occurred the world would be radically different — by definition. This editor feels the pain of years of childhood never experienced by women endemic to such archaic ways, and my heart feels the personal Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish of their individuality, individual maturation and growth through the opportunity of education, experiencing one's own space with personal dignity to create ones own life, and feel my readers will be as interested as I have been.

There are five conditions for being described as previously-married:. The second condition is that it should be proven that the hadd punishment is deserved, by the testimony of four male witnesses who saw the private parts meet, or the person should freely admit to having committed zina, without being forced to do so.

Joys of Muslim Women

If it is proven that he deserves the hadd punishment, it is not permissible for individuals to carry out this punishment themselves. Rather the matter must be referred to the ruler or his deputy to prove the crime and carry out the punishment, because if individuals carry out hadd punishments, that will lead to a great deal of corruption and evil. It is haraam for anyone to carry out a hadd punishment except the ruler or his deputy.

Concealing one who has committed this evil deed so that he may repent and set his affairs straight before he dies is better than exposing him, let alone killing him.

Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish

The one who kills her has killed a believing soul whom Allaah has forbidden to be killed, and there is a stern warning concerning that, as Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted, says interpretation of the meaning:.

Moreover, in many cases killing is done on the basis of accusations and speculation, without proving whether the immoral action even took place. This would be Islamic justice? These texts you are referencing were written in a very specific historical, social, and cultural context that has very little relation to our world today. And the scholars who have interpreted these sharia rules have all had biases and interests of their own.

For me, my faith comes from a read more relationship to God, not from some rigid interpretation of things written down over a thousand years ago. Click fundamentalism has taken so much that is beautiful about our faith and reduced it to an obsession with mundane details of everyday life.

In my opinion, this is the worst thing that has happened to our religion in the modern world.

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Well this is just one part of it. Anyway, the trend is that marriage will soon be seen as a backward and old arrangement even though its an arrangement since the time of Adam. The Islamic laws are there to protect society, not destroy it. Horrible, evil things happen in the name of Islamic law today. These occurrences may be relatively rare in the large scheme of things but they are exceptions that make the source.

Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish

This is a political view and not a theological one, but it is a position that aims to preserve the sanctity of religion rather than dragging the name of God into the mud of our imperfect social world. Of course, Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish has nothing to do with people choosing to live their lives in accordance with scholarly interpretations of sharia because they believe it keeps them on the straight path.

My beef is not with these Muslim believers but with Islamist ideologues who are filled with anger, fear, and hatred, and who take matters of life and death into their own hands while claiming, ever so disingenuously, that they are doing the will of God.

Leila seems to think she knows more about Islam then the great scholars of this deen whom she casually demeans. What an idiot, with the usual recycled strawman arguments. Who are you to appropriate Islam? Your words and your tone reflect the very attitudes of those fundamentalist dictators who have sullied the name of our faith in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

They want their cake and want to eat it, too. Islam does not come from you or me, it comes from Allah s. As for the dictators of the Muslim world, care to show me where I have voiced support for them? In fact I go one step further and always point out that almost all such regimes are client puppets of the West. The fact that you are so dishonest to latch onto a hate filled screed by an Evangelical fraud like Nonie Darwish shows exactly what kind of bigoted simpleton you read article. You are a cog in a bankrupt system.

Go peddle your caricatures on some anti-Islam hate site. Any comments from Sabour, etc.

Care to provide any tips for him on how to engage in more mature, clever, and nicer dialogue on this forum? Or is it only women who ask valid questions, and protest decisively, yet civilly when their Joys Of Muslim Women By Nonie Darwish questions get deflected by other posters that deserve etiquette lessons? Address the arguments you think are wrongheaded, and shelve the cliched old insults.

Thanks Forrest Gump, quite a post you have here…. If it was meant to reveal something, I am afraid it was lost in translation. Seems like you took your intellectual clarity lessons from watching Chuck Norris movies. You have no arguments, just the same old flea bitten myths of western extremism towards Islam. Colonial fantasies woven with political expediency, war and terrorism.

You thought you could come onto a Muslim website and peddle this trash without being challenged? Time for some chamaatahs. Your notions of right and wrong are based upon the shifting whims and sands of usurious corporate consumer secularism.

These are the same propagandists who are pushing so-called same sex marriages down the throats of Americans. The problems Muslims have today come from a lack of Islam, but also nationalism, banana republics, nonviable states created thanks to centuries of western terrorism which continues today.

Like I said to Leila, you are a cog in a bankrupt system. Go back to jihadwatch this web page get your orientalism refurbished.