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Show post s from this thread on one page Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3 Jump to page: Just found it on the internet. No experience with any of link girls. Even the links take you back to this page! Nothing here would be worth the time, IMHO. Unless YOU are the sites owner? Fellow Mongers, Have just spent two weeks in Nairobi during which time I made contact with more than half a dozen women from Afro.

Afrointroductions African Hookup African Ghana Braid

The majority of them stayed overnight on the first date and provided the much sought after GFE. Anyone that wants the list please inbox me. It was one happy trip. Some get quite offended at thought of taxi money. Could you poste it here? I have set up a few meetings on Badoo Click anyone tell me if there is a difference betweens the ladies on Badoo and Afro?

I have not tried Afro so far?

But in the outskirts are also bars and clubs and with the same risk as in the city center and with the same people only more natural in all formats and age who like to have fun with a Men. All in all I really enjoyed my trip. The divas then further went on to flaunt their enviable bodies by gyrating their hips and rubbing their posteriors together. Sit at the bar from pm onward and watch them parade in.

Has anyone stayed at Mvuli suites located by Musuem Hill. Seems perfect, but I wonder most importantly if it is GF. You can't go wrong with the two you asked about before? I am a black guy and have been fairly comfortable staying "on either side of the tracks", meaning I have been good with staying upscale with foreign business people or budget with local business people. These are the hotels I stayed at while in Nairobi: Central Park Click Also have wifi but it did not work and I have noticed in different places hotel operators still have ambiguous, nonchalant attitude about restoring wifi service even now.

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Girl may have to leave I'd at security. Very girl friendly in that regard but I think you might be charged extra if you have no status; acceptable Western amenities. Girl must leave I'd at security. Very close to F2 but a longer walk or short cab ride to Madhouse.

Afrointroductions African Hookup African Ghana Braid

Hotel Green Court Single room allows for 1 free guest, room rate was 1, ksh but is now 2, ksh after interior renovation same infrastructure but fresh paint, new chairs and upgraded floor tiles ; double room which permits 4 people to source room runs about 4, ksh; just be aware of a strange policy this hotel has which does not permit members of same gender to share a bed so 2 women could not book a single and your cap on girls would be 2 in the double; of course, if the guard is not there at post, you could still slip 3 women in with you; breakfast is included.

Comfy bed, western bathroom just ensure the housekeeping does not switch off the water tank heaters if you are staying multiple days since those tanks are huge and you will be waiting for at least a couple of hours for water to heat up, not what you want or need if you have some beauty with youkitchen, breakfast for 1 included, girl Afrointroductions African Hookup African Ghana Braid but girl will have to source I'd at security.

Just use Google Earth to checkout locations. I believe all have their Afrointroductions African Hookup African Ghana Braid websites but keep in mind that the photos you see are photoshopped just like those photos of food on restaurant signs and advertisements.

Expect the prices to be higher at those places last stayed a year or more ago. I was last in Nairobi in July of this year and I stayed on both sides of the tracks. Now I was walking like I was a black ninja not crouched but definitely on the balls of my feet and hands already in a pseudo defensive posture, and constant checking side to side and behind me using peripheral vision - no I was not going to be a KNOCKOUT victim in Nairobi!

I observed the pockets of chicks seeking men, but my primary mission was to checkout the hotels one of the other posters had mentioned was good for finding walk-in ladies this would alleviate you of paying for a room.

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The one near to Latema rd was locked up. I decided to explore the area and checkout where Reggae music was coming from. For those who are adventurous, in good shape and knowledgable in self defense tactics, you might check it out. Otherwise, just stick to the well beaten and fucked path of online hookups and all the aforementioned night clubs.

Dear all, Firstly many thanks to all for suggestions on the accommodating, special thanks to Amha for sharing some afro connects as well. Next add the difficulty of her being young, unspoiled, or jaded. But I don't have to do that here. I do google map places first.

Nothing happened to me but I do know that something bad will likely happen to you if you are an overweight and drunk white guy. I'm Black click still very obviously not Kenyan. I have lived in SE D.

Living in those cities teaches you when you are in trouble and when your not. And beyond are not to be taken lightly. He walked around and I wouldn't even do that. This part of town is for the poorer Kenyans to get laid. A girl took me to Zimmerman, off Thika Road. That also is not a part of Nairobi to see at all, much less at night. I got a number from a dancer there for my trip back.

Take a cab there and buy the driver a beer. I actually rebuffed the solicitations I received. I just wanted to check out the area absent the day time hustle and bustle.

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I was aware of potential danger but at no time did I encounter such. Let's just say I am not afraid of the dark.

The little bar I found might warrant a revisit next time I hit Nairobi. Definitely appreciate the effort Jig. It seems like the GF factor at the Hilton is hit or miss. I wouldn't want to take that gamble and not be able to bring my women back with me. I would easily choose NOA but I'm concerned about the distance. I figure the max taxi fare would be around ksh, but I'm more concerned about traffic and time burned in the backif a taxi. It's a tough choice because hotels in CBD all seem to have something off on one way or the other.

I do google map places first. It's thesis reason I like Mvuli Suites so much. I wonder how proper it would be to ask them? I found this pic of some west African hunnies. Can I expect something similar? Not even in West Africa. Dude those are models picked for the pic. I'll tell you what LustyHombre told me- just get here and stop asking about it.

Taste in women is a personal thing, Afrointroductions African Hookup African Ghana Braid asking about are they cute won't get you anywhere because your desires are different from another man. Kenyan women do look great when they have enough money to pay for it, weave, makeup, nice clothes. Most that I have met are very sweet, even the pros.

I have yet to have a runner, starfish, argument over money, or article source from my room. Can't say the same about Thai or PI women Afrointroductions African Hookup African Ghana Braid have been banged by half the free world and ruined by millions of tourists.

I'm going crazy managing this anticipation. Actually, I'm doing really well on FB. A few of my "friends" are models. I'm approaching them on the premise that I've been to Africa. But first time in Nairobi and I need somebody to show me around and point out the good restaurants and clubs. This way it is non threatening and committing on my end.

If we vibe and I'm attracted to her in person it's on. I give myself the easy opportunity to remove myself if she isn't up to par. Unlike Afro, my FB friends have tons of pics. I seriously doubt if one can have that many fake photos. The women on the pic below are on par to some of my FB friends, but some of my FB friends look better.

The reason I posted the pic is that I rarely see anything in the photo gallery that I would entertain. I do know from my travels that I didn't post pics of my top talent because we built a bond and I wouldn't want to put them out there like that so I understand that there are some women that you will not share with the forum. I feel I'm still a fairly attractive guy and I date nice looking women in the US.

I'm not flying almost 24 hours to fuck skanks. I'd rather have 1 or 2 great experiences than numbers of mediocre women. I know I have my work cut out for me. I get a thrill out of the hunt and I'm looking forward to nothing but success. Be too nice and you will start getting requests for cell phones and rent. One thing I have learned is that you never buy a car that is too far away to drive, no matter how smooth the ride, or pretty the paint.

I think it marks you as a true monger. Maybe they buy it, maybe not but I think it increases the possibility of whoo'ing a non pro.

Anyone else is Afrointroductions African Hookup African Ghana Braid for a wife or gf. In that case, read my first NG quote. You can stay where you want, but I really don't think they care about all that. You got to remember, being visit web page Blk American there is rare as finding gold in a turd.