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C [dated], Seth Thomas, ADAMANTINE, 8-day, time and strike, case of black and mottled tan. Condition: This is a clean clock, the movement recently overhauled and in good running order. The adamantine case is quite good with no noticeable chips. Also with good bottom label showing patent date, and . 25 May I found this Seth Thomas area of a clock history site a few years ago when I purchased a Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock: hookupslvl.info sethThomas/hookupslvl.info It doesn't include your type of clock but does have the information about the date stamps, etc. This is a sales site run by the same. 12 Apr Seth Thomas wall clocks enjoy a history that began in when Seth Thomas bought Eli Terry's factory through today and the Alliance Time Company, which acquired the entire inventory in Dating a Seth Thomas wall clock is a lesson in time itself.

Discussion in ' Antique Discussion ' started by tyeldom3May 25, Log in or Sign up. Seth Thomas clock, age? My first inquiry on this new board. I believe this Seth Thomas clock is referred to as Bee Hive mantle clock. I see ranges of prices all over the place, as article source as age differences in this style.

Can anyone shed some light? I see the 89 stamped on the movement. There is also a on the bottom, which is very hard to see I didn't even know it was there until I took pictures It looks like K??

But again, I can hardly see it. I havn't had a clock like this in a while, and I'll have to look up how to wind it and stuff, to see how it works I'm very forgetful Af, if you happen to stop by I'm sorry I don't know why the first picture posted twice I also forgot the measurements. I'll take a stab at learn more here though I know nothing about clocks. I think its ss? Its really source pretty.

I like it too, and it's in really good condition. I googled, and searched so much to figure out how to wind the clock properly to get it started, but I can't figure out the proper way to turn in the holes. Some say turn the left hole clockwise, and others say counter clockwise, and same for the right side keyhole. I really want to test this clock, but I'm afraid to turn the key the wrong way, and mess it up. Tye, does the clock have a Seth Dating Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock label?

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Following is a link to a clock website with Seth Thomas labels that can be dated. The labels range from as early as to LadybranchMay 26, I also found here following: Usually, the year is done in reverse, followed by a letter A—L representing the month. For example, April would appear as D. The numbers, should be 4 numbers, would be the year in reverse and if a "K" would be for the 11th month, November.

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The above paragraph is below the pic and below the paragraph is a pic of a back of a clock showing the reverse numbers and letter. Do click the picture of the numbers to see it better and to see how it is read. I found this Seth Thomas area of a clock history site a few years ago when I purchased a Seth Thomas Adamantine mantel clock: This is a sales site run by the same person: Figtree3May 26, This one looks like yours.

It has the same 89 on the movement. They are calling it an 8 Bell Sonora.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Seth Thomas Richmond VP. I believe this Seth Thomas clock is referred to as Bee Hive mantle clock.

It has been restored. Geeee, they don't date it. Thanks so much Fig and Susan.

Early Seth Thomas clocks employed wood movements, but inbrass movements replaced the wood. Seth Thomas Chicago City Series. Seth Thomas Empire No.

No, there is no label on it unfortunately. I wish I could see that number better. I can't really see it at all with the naked eye.

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I can only see it when the camera light takes a picture. I really appreciate all the links you gals provided, thanks again for your great help. I did this one on the clocks board, the only thing I can add is that it is not a proper 'beehive' clock, but a lancet top clock. The beehive was a 19th C US clock style Dating Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock this one only echoes vaguely. Hi, Just a hint your kind of clock was usually electrified in the 20s and 30s so yours is older and in wonderful condition.

Thanks Greg you are so kind. Someone on the clock board said it is in the Seth Thomas catalog, listed as "Prospect 17 model". So your guesstimate is very close! The clock doesn't have a single scratch or blemish on the case. I hope I can go here it running. Hi, Try that hint I send you, it can not possibably hurt it greg.

Dating Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock

I absolutely will do that Greg. I hope to do that in the next couple days.

Dating Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock

I so much appreciate that. I'll let you know how it goes. Draft saved Draft deleted. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Help with age on Seth Thomas electric clock.

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