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The wizard of Oz (Movie) Death Hanging Scene.

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Everyone knows the classic, "The Wizard of Oz" which was first released as a movie in the year. 1 Dec The Munchkin Suicide. The Wizard of Oz was never envisioned to play on a screen as small as a TV set, so confusion has arisen about the unusual motion in the background as Dorothy skips away with the Scarecrow and Tin Man. One silly urban legend says it is a Munchkin suicide-hanging caught on film. 9 Aug In the Wizard of Oz, a small shadowed figure can be seen hanging from a tree. The myth goes that it is a dead Munchkin, a story told in Irvine Welsh's new play. What's it all about?.

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The Wizard Of Oz Hanging Man

Select from one of these options to get in touch with us:. A lovelorn actor portraying one of the munchkins hanged himself on the set during the filming of The Wizard of Oz. This sequence begins with Dorothy and the Scarecrow trying to pick fruit from the talking apple trees, encompasses their discovery of the rusted tin man and their encounter with the Wicked Witch of the West who tries to set the Scarecrow on fireand ends with the trio heading off to Oz in search of the Wizard:.

Now, rumor has it that a small munchkin can be spotted in the background. Now, when I saw this, I began to flip out. I then got the courage to watch the movie again. I am so positive that I saw munchkin in the background who committed suicide because he was in love.

How many dresses is Dorothy seen wearing? Hollywood's most unconventional celebrity couples. But this explanation hasn't satisfied those who point out that the shadowed figure looks very much like a Munchkin hanging - not a bird.

My mom and I watched a documentary of the behind the scenes of The Wizard of Oz. We saw the footage closely and they even showed us before shots of the person.

My mom told me to watch the movie closely and look in the woods in the trees for a person wearing black moving around strangely when Dorothy, the scarecrow and the tin man source walking down the yellow brick road.

But this is just coincidence, right? According to reports, his whole body was illuminated and smoke came out of his ears. This is an "insider" allusion to the water allergy of her Ozian alter ego, the Wicked Witch of the West. E-mail this to a friend. Time travel 'Brit time traveller who went to year ' reveals when time travel will be available for all.

Which I did and I saw clearly a person hanging. No one, munchkin or otherwise, died on-set during the filming of this cinematic check this out, much less in a cut that was used in the finished version of the movie.

At the very end of this sequence, as the three main characters move down the road and away from the camera, one of the larger birds often said to be an emu, but more probably a crane standing at the back of the set moves around and spreads its wings. No munchkin, no hanging — just a big bird.

With the advent of home video, viewing audiences were able to rewind and replay the scene in question, view it in slow-motion, and look at individual frames in the sequence all on screens smaller and less distinct than those of theatersand imaginations ran wild. The change in focus of the rumor from a hapless stagehand to a suicidal munchkin driven to despair over his unrequited love for a female munchkin seems to have coincided with the heavy promotion and special video re-release of The Wizard of Oz in celebration of its 50th anniversary in Other versions of the rumor combined elements from both explanations, such as the claim that the strange figure was actually a stagehand hanging himself.

The logistics of this alleged hanging defy all credulity. First of all, the forest scenes in The Wizard of Oz were filmed before the Munchkinland scenes, and thus none of the munchkin actors would yet have been present at MGM.

The Wizard Of Oz Hanging Man

And whether one believes that the figure on the film is a munchkin or a stagehand, it is simply impossible that a human being could have fallen onto a set actively being used for filming, and yet none of the dozens of people present — actors, directors, cameramen, sound technicians, light operators — noticed or reacted to the occurrence. The tragic incident would also had to have been overlooked by all the directors, editors, film cutters, musicians, and others who worked on the film in see more as well.

That anyone could believe a scene featuring a real suicide would have been left intact in a classic film for over fifty years is simply incredible. We are experiencing some issues with our feedback form.

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