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29 Jun posted in Newcomers Forum: Is it possible to get a list of tanks with Preferential Matchmaking? In Blitz, we have 2 tanks (total) that have PM, and they are both Tier 4 tanks: 1) Valentine II 2) PzB2 Which means you never see Tier 5 with them if youre solo or platooned with Second tank down in Tier 5. 23 Jun Premium Tanks (Tier VIII), Arty and Idiotic Match Making - posted in Players Suggestions: Please introduce a way to skip tanks below tier 8 in the tech tree with gold / some sort of unlock purchase. Tier 6 with the new system of MM and Arty changes is close to unplayable if your a medium or heavy tank. Some players are confusing battle tiers with tank tiers. This values must not be the same. The matchmaker resolves battle tier on the basis of table below. It doesn't try to weigh the tank tiers in both teams. Some tanks have exclusive battle tiers, you can find the in lower half of a table. (Most premium tanks have lowered battle.

World Of Tanks Premium Tank Matchmaking

I have been recently trying to grind the Chinese tech tree and the experience is overwhelmingly the most frustrating video game experience I have ever had. Tier 6 with the new system of MM and Arty changes is close to unplayable if your a medium or heavy tank.

World Of Tanks Premium Tank Matchmaking understand you want people who have purchased your Premium tier 8s to have some great games but matching tier 6s against Scorpion G's, Defenders and Chrisler K's isn't the way to do it.

Grinding a new tech tree line in WoT's has to one of the reasons so many people have stopped playing this game. The Arty changes have made things worse as now you cant even try to help your team by spotting as your going to get demolished by an arty shell that lands 5 meters away from your tank. I'm at 50 games in the Type 58 Chinese medium tank and so far ive had 1 match at top tier and maybe 4 matches with tier 7 as top.

All other matches have been tier 8. Not once have I seen a tier 4 in battle. It is already in the game. Play you r tier 8 premiums with accelerated crew training turned off. Convert xp gained to free xp with gold. I do this for tanks up to tier 5. ObjT, Click the following article 8.

The next thing you know, you'll have battle noobs rushing straight up to their first tier 8 and then using gold to buy all the other tier 8s and you end up with a good portion of the server consisting of those battle noobs driving around their tier 8s and causing teams to lose constantly.

Because you can't get tier 9 premiums from tier 8 premiums, but you can get tier 9 standard tanks from tier 8 standard tanks. Don't see more me wrong, I understand your intention, but you gotta understand that Wargaming doesn't just want you to spend money on the game, they also want you to play it, and that means grinding tank lines.

Whooohooo, on 24 June - Weslam, on 23 June - Here is the thing. They buy OP tanks but don't know how to play and where to go, contributing to a certain loss World Of Tanks Premium Tank Matchmaking weslam stated.

That is one of the reasons why good players run to low tiers, not for stat padding but for fun and to calm the mind. I do it myself and frankly, tier 2s wont actually improve your sats much. Not anymore I believe Correct me if I'm wrong.

World Of Tanks Premium Tank Matchmaking

If you can get WG stop selling read article many OP prems, maybe most problems will be solved.

I have played battles and my highest tier is a Tiger and a T20 both tier 7. I spend my time developing crew skills and my skills.

Wallet warriors referring to players who use money to advance to high tiers without any skill want everything easy. In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.

U12D13, on 07 July - Community Forum Software by IP.

The defender needs to be seriously bad for an is-6 to win the 1v1 engagement. The Churchill III has a high rate of fire gun that reloads quickly. Ah, gone were the days of Ts fighting Maus.

Search Advanced Search section: Please log in to reply. Edited by princessrainbowunicorn, 23 June - Then how would rerolls farm credits? DreadAngel21 4 Posted 23 June - Weslam 5 Posted 23 June - Weslam how is that different to someone buying a tier 8 premium and having games and driving around in their tier 8 premium and causing you lose games consistently?

KV-5 and IS-6 was the tanks they said they would fix. Well, surely is a win for WG. It also offers preferential matchmaking, meaning no Tier 10 battles!

WoT is dying because new players cant approach this game. Theres a lot of tech trees in this game and grinding along the low tiers isn't enjoyable at all and it World Of Tanks Premium Tank Matchmaking be. There are many changes that could be made like limiting equipable equipment and crewskills active in low tiers to help this, same as not matching monster premiums against low tiers that cant even spam gold to penetrate the target.

However as WG is highly unlikely to do this or raise the penetration levels of low tier tanks World Of Tanks Premium Tank Matchmaking deal with the new premiums offer players a way to skip to the same tier as the these premiums to allow you to at least have a chance.

It's my scheme to topple WG. Weslam 8 Posted 23 June - Bought tier 8 premiums see tier 10 matches and there still is a substantial grind through tier anyways. People don't want to spend days in horror matchups, and the low tier tanks rarely reflect the end of the line tanks anyway.

Whooohooo 10 Posted 24 June - DreadAngel21 11 Posted 25 June - U12D13 12 Posted 27 June - How about getting some skill. The way the game is atm it completely alienates anyone wanting to start playing WoT for the first time aswell as veterans. For me the issues lie as follows:. I don't care if I lose to better team in a match aslong as I'm on the same footing as anyone else tank wise. Sure they might have elited the tank and slapped a 4 skill crew into it but at least there isn't such a click difference in vehicles as there is when your 2 tiers lower.

These vehicles are only OP as top tier or against tech tree tier 8. Instead of buffing amour constantly just balance the gold pen on vehicles. I would remove them personally but as that's not going to happen just cap the amount you can equip. If you guys are so against tech tree skips, lock them.

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Once I get a tier 10 heavy then I can skip to tier 8 within the same or another nation but only for heavies. Same with the other tank types.

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WG you have released so many tech trees that are terrible grinds to encourage gold to xp conversion Czech meds, Japanese Meds, Swedish Meds and TD's etc etc and I don't care. Your a business and your product is here to make you money so give me the option to skip to tier 8 once I've unlocked a tier 10 vehicle of the same type and charge me premium tier 8 money and you will do quite well. U12D13 17 Posted 07 July - Ah, gone were the days of Ts fighting Maus.

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