How To Rekindle Spark In Your Relationship: Hook Up With Ex!

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Guys' ideas for getting the spark back in a relationship

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Learn how to rekindle your relationship and fall in love again. Overcome problems and rekindle your relationship with . How To Fix A Broken Relationship—8 Ways To Heal & Rekindle Your Love . let them back into your life. #expartner #love #relationship #lovesick #advice #romance #partner # breakup #rekindle #spark. 12 Aug Sex isn't always spontaneous and easy. Like any other aspect of a healthy relationship, good sex takes time and energy. 4 Apr Learn how to rekindle your relationship and fall in love again. Overcome problems and rekindle your relationship with these tips.

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5 Ways to Bring The Spark Back To Your Relationship

Go on, break out of your relationship rut, reconnect with your partner, and fire up the passion that brought you together in the first place. Remember those fabulous qualities you noticed in your partner when you started dating? Time and stress may have brought their less-favorable traits into sharper focus, says psychologist Elizabeth R.

How To Rekindle Your Relationship

But their good qualities are probably still there. Fixating on the negatives wouldn't have worked in the beginning and it doesn't work now. Get out of that," says Sherrie Campbell, PhD. She is a marriage and family therapist in Yorba Linda, Calif. Make a list of what you fell in love with and another list of good things you've discovered over time.

Embrace his positive qualities and let him know you've fully got his back. One study found that couples who did novel and arousing things together felt better about their relationships than those who stuck with routine, mundane activities. She's the author of Chatting or Cheating: The trick is to pick something fun and exciting, not just pleasant. Ride a roller coaster.

Once kids, careers, and life's responsibilities are added to the mix, that initial level of loving kindness and respect can easily diminish. I'm not suggesting you lose your individuality. Perhaps you left your first few dates with the thrilling anticipation of seeing them again.

Visit a far-flung destination. Another option is to get competitive, suggests Rachel DeAlto, a communication and relationship expert in Point Pleasant, N.

Try one-on-one activities like tennis, racquetball, skiing, hiking, or fishing. But that's a mistake. Researchers have found that affectionate touch boosts the body's feel-good hormones.

Brush against him in a sexually seductive way," says Meyers. Having fun during sex, instead of doing it for obligation's sake, can stoke the fires of your relationship. Limit the guess-work by being open and honest; it can bring you closer. The goal is to show more and see more of each other, rather than defend the status quo," says Meyers. The rewards run deep. Great conversation often leads to more open, loving sex, she says.

Every discussion doesn't have to be serious. Lighthearted laughter goes a long way in lifting your spirits and reconnecting. Revel in the humor of a situation together.

Then, truly listen and connect to your mate's feelings once again. Of course, doing so often results in your mate giving you the same negative, contentious response in return. It doesn't matter if you don't say the perfect thing — there is no perfect thing to say in most cases.

What fuels your passion? Maybe it's having an exciting career or training for a half marathon.

How To Rekindle Spark In Your Relationship

No matter -- just get out and do it. When you love yourself and your life, you bring more energy and interest into your relationship. When you take care of your own needs and pursue what you're passionate about, you become less predictable and more interesting to your partner.

It's a win-win situation. You'll be more confident and peaceful as you keep evolving, and your relationship will thrive.

How To Rekindle Spark In Your Relationship

Remember those things you did when you were romancing your new love? Make a list and do them again now, suggests Paul N. He is the co-author of The I Factor: Know what works well in your relationship and do more of it.

Envision a future together than inspires you. Maybe it's a home bustling with a big family or vacations to new, exotic places. Whatever your dreamyou can create a plan now to start making it happen.

Focus on the positive. Continued Hug your partner. Be playful with touch.

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