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You have to be at least 13 years old and if you are under 18 you have to have a parents permission. If you do see a user who is under the age of 13 using the site all you can do is flag what they said and IMVU will handle it. hookupslvl.info?action=DetailView&module= Cases&id=9b9dbce-b91afd47d0f7c8&offset=3&stamp= &returnAction=&returnModule=&returnId= excuse me? i need to know what this exactly mean? what do you try to implying?? who give you right to access. You can buy them at any age. The only products restricted to you are the ones called AP (Access Pass). You have to be over eighteen and pay a fee to access those products. Now if you're just playing out a story in which your character is a parent, again, you can do that at any age. It's no different than a.

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Thu Sep 24, I see a lot of them. Yes some people have boyfriends and girlfriends and even some married, but I dont see any harm in that. The thread was temporarily locked while I checked your link, once I was sure that it was a safe link, I unlocked it. My age is on my avatar card, the same as everyone else.

Join the VIP Program! Mon Oct 27, 3: While it is true that there are online predators. I mean where does it really end.

Mon Oct 27, 7: No matter what people do to protect children, there will always be work arounds and loopholes. While I understand you're heart is in the right place, other people's aren't. Mon Oct 27, Wed Oct 29, 2: I think that 13 is fine. I wish that there was more separation of ages.

I wish those under 18 were kept safe and away from those over the age of And that those of us over the age of 18 were kept safe and away from those under the age of My daughter just days shy of 18 has friends in high school and friends in college.

She should be able to associate with them in an online platform. People lie article source their ages.

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Children lie to meet adults. Adults lie to meet children.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Imvu

Yes it goes both ways anyone who does not think it does should get their heads out of the sand. Wed Oct 29, 4: Thu Oct 30, 4: Oh wait, IMVU doesn't require any verification to see how old the 12 year old is.

The 12 year old makes account and says they're at least So, if IMVU raises the minimum age to 16, it's not going to work. Some of those people may have spent a few dollars on IMVU as well I know I bought my name at 13 and bought a few credits.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Imvu

Have IMVU disable those accounts, even if people bought things on there? Fri Sep 02, 8: The age limit should be 20 Fri Sep 02, 9: There is absolutely no reason why minors should be banned from IMVU.

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If all the adults on the site obeyed the rules there wouldn't be much on any GA rated room that would be dangerous for a minor to see or hear. Minors can only enter adult owned rooms if invited; they can't even see the rooms in the list. The reverse is also true. It is a sad reflection on society that so many people have bought into the myth that all adults are inherently dangerous to children.

In fact, it's people they know in real life who are far more likely to be dangerous to them. Interacting with adults is art of growing up and learning to be an adult. We all met and interacted with adults in public places as children and all those experiences helped us to become adults. If you want to help keep children safe, report misrated items, flag chats where they admit lying about their age, flag things which break TOS. IMVU is supposed to be a family rated website and it's up to adults on this site to keep it that way.

Don't want to see these ads? Its very often that users ask each other to online date, there's no moderators. Read my mind 9. Is the experience for teens the same as that for adults on IMVU? People get banned when other people call it bad.

Banning children just encourages them to lie and they are far more likely to end up in an unsafe situation if they pretend to be adults. There's no gold at the end of the rainbow. This is a very similar topic to that already being discussed in this thread. I'm not locking this one for now because there is a slight difference between wanting children barred from adult rooms and wanting them barred from the site completely.

Should the discussions become too similar, I may lock this one as the more recent thread.

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Mon Sep 05, A matured person should be able to read the rules, right? Why are you placing the blame on someone else when the rule is broken by that person? We may be minors but we're safe as long as we don't cheat, lie, or treat others rudely.

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