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Buzzfeed What Kind Of Guy Are You Dating

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I like being spoiled by my partner, so hopefully they'd plan something amazing. Help translate this item. Take the test and find out!

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Buzzfeed What Kind Of Guy Are You Dating

Blue skies and warm sunshine. It doesn't have to be anything big — but I like to use the day to do something meaningful for me and my partner. I don't really care about Valentine's Day, but I'll do something if my partner wants to. I like being spoiled by my partner, so hopefully they'd plan something amazing. I love any excuse to show my partner how much I love them, so something big and lavish.

What Type Of Man Are You Meant For?

Search through their conversations for mentions of your own name to find out what they really think of you. Write a stupid status for them then log out.

The Eight Types Of Gay Guys I've Dated - Get Paid To Flirt!

Close it — you're not that fussed to be honest. Close it — you trust and respect them too much to go prying. Ask them very nicely to go and get some food from somewhere — you'll make it up to them, you promise.

What Type Of Guy Is Your Ideal Man?

Flip a coin to see who has to get out of bed to get the food. Offer to make the food yourself — you love doing things that make your partner happy. Wait to see who cracks first — you reckon you can probably hold out a while longer. Roll away immediately, you need space. Cuddle up for as long as possible, and fall asleep entwined if you can.

Thunderstorms and torrential rain. Share On link Share On link. Your dream date would be A verification link has been sent to your mailbox.

Hold your partner until they fall asleep, then untangle if you can because you can't sleep like that. Fall asleep with your own space, but make sure you're touching somehow, like holding hands.

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