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3 Ways to Make a Man Sexually Addicted to You (Guaranteed to Please Him in Bed) | HuffPost

23 Aug (Because let's be real, I own a Mad Men-esque nightie and I've worn it a total of zero times.) "When I suggest morning sex to clients, I will also add in sleeping in the nude," explains Dr. Michael. "It is very sexy to wake up in the morning touching your naked skin with your partner's naked skin." Honestly, I'm a. 8 Jan Everyone falls into sexual ruts, so what makes the difference is what you do once you get there. If you're ready to get inventive and perhaps venture out of your comfort zone, try waking up in the middle of the night and surprising your guy with some sex. Afternoon delight? Psh. It just got upgraded. 15 Nov Give him a good reason to get up in the morning. Wake him up with your mouth. No guy will turn down a morning blow job. Don't be lazy about it either — really get into it and don't make these common oral sex mistakes. Remember that oral sex shouldn't only be a prelude to intercourse. Do it all the way.

Bad girls are legendary — a guy who's been with one practically passes out from bliss when he talks about his experience. You might be thinking, "Who, me?

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Be a bad girl? See, bed-devil status is about a fearless attitude, not how much sexual experience you have or whether you wear leather. So we boiled down the naughty qualities that make some women stand out, then came up with seven audacious ideas for putting them into play.

These tips and tricks will forever crank up the heat in your sex life. A wickedly sexy woman knows how to deliciously exploit the power she has over a man. Tell your guy to lie down click here the bed, then use handcuffs, scarves, or a necktie to tether his hands together so he can't touch you.

If you're not game to use real restraints, link can simply hold his hands over his head. As you tantalize him and he strains to touch you, ask him to tell you why he wants you so bad, explaining that you won't let him free until he convinces you.

Once he's pleaded his case, release his hands, roll onto your back, and allow him to take over.

As a seductress, whisper all the different ways and places you want to touch him. Go bottomless at home. No guy will turn down a morning blow job.

After building up the erotic anticipation, it'll be like setting a windup toy loose on your body To infuse your sex sessions with more attitude, sometimes all it takes is looking the part of a true temptress. If you're feeling like a flirty, girlie tease, put on a white cotton undie set or pale pink lingerie and pull your hair into a ponytail, or don a schoolgirl-like plaid miniskirt with an oxford shirt tied above your navel.

To become an X-rated seductress, wear something red or black in sheer fabric or lace, then add crimson lipstick and nails. Just standing there in your flimsy finest may be enough, but a few teasing lines will definitely get the ball rolling. When playing the innocent card, say it's your first time, and ask him what you should do.

How To Wake Up A Man Sexually

As a seductress, whisper all the different ways and places you want to touch him. Moans and sighs Oh! It's the dirty dialogue that really puts a triple-X stamp on your sex sessions.

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First tell him how freakin' good he feels. I need your [noun] on my [body part], just like this. Body confidence and carnal curiosity are key traits of a sex goddess, and both are on full display when you make a sex tape. It feels taboo," explains Royalle.

Since missionary doesn't exactly make for good TV, get into racier positions where you're facing the camera. Go for doggie-style so you can both see the action or girl-on-top so you can watch exactly how you move.

And definitely get shots exchanging oral sex so you can see the orgasmic effect you have on each other. Bad girls are known to capture a few prisoners in the sack, but a bold bedroom chick also enjoys enacting her own fantasies, shame-free. And one of women's top fantasies is to be taken. Instruct your guy to hide behind the door and "surprise" you by taking charge when you get home one night. He can either have his way with you right in the foyer or pull you into the bedroom.

Or let him know that you're in the mood but want him to conquer you, caveman-style, even if it means playfully wrestling you to the bed as you try to slip out of his grasp.

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Breaking out of your touch-here-then-lick-there routine adds a lusty layer to the erotic experience. And fearless sexual playmates know that unexpectedly intense sexual maneuvers are even more exciting. Grip his butt hard while in missionary, scratch his chest and the sides of his torso while in girl-on-top, or yank his head toward you to give him a passionate, damn-straight kind of kiss. If those moves elicit an excited response, firmly spank his butt, lightly bite his shoulder, or tug his hair in the act, you devilish thing.

A hard-bristled hairbrush is perfect for gently scratching his skin.

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Run this baker's basic over his back and thighs during an erotic massage. Skip the pricey feathers you find at sex shops, and use this to tickle his neck, chest, arms, and package. Type keyword s to search. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Are My Labia Normal?

How To Wake Up A Man Sexually

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