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How Young is Too Young to Date?

Who Is Too Young or Too Old for You to Date?

If you're an older woman getting back in the dating game, it can be daunting to decide if someone is the right age for you. And more often than not, the question is, “Is he too young for me?” If you're an older woman dating a younger man, is it doomed from the start or will you be happily ever after? There are a few things at . 21 Feb What's it like to be in a relationship with a guy much younger than you? We asked Honestly, he made me feel younger, and when we first started dating he thought I was his age. They were mad that I had moved on from their dad so quickly and also found it weird that I was dating someone so young. 14 Mar We always hear about women dating older men, but what about women dating an extremely younger men?Im 28 and got out of a relationship recently, the.

We always hear about women dating older men, but what about women dating an extremely younger men? Im 28 and got out of a relationship recently, the guy was He was surprisingly extremely childish.

Yesterday I met an extremely mature guy, we had an amazing conversation for a couple of hours, towards the end he mentioned that he was 19 which made me gasp openly.

Even though we weren't flirting, I wondered, would it be weird if I dated him? Do we judge women more harshly for dating younger guys? Are you ladies married to a guy or girl at least 5 years younger? Does age usually go with maturity? I think there is some taboo or stereotype for women who date younger men. I'm not sure about where you are, but here in the states they even have a name for them - cougar.

Personally I think it's silly.

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Age literally is only a number and I wouldn't bat an eye or judge a woman for dating a younger man. My in-laws were horrified when I began dating their son. I was 23 and divorced. I didn't and still don't see the big deal. Thankfully they've come around but it's a harsh double-standard. As long as both people are of legal age, then who cares. Although an 18 year old dating a 70 year old might make me raise an eyebrow, I try not to judge people who date that have many years in between them.

Sometimes a 19 year old is much more mature than some 30 years old are. Her boyfriend is Her oldest son is 27 or We laugh and tease her about it.

Her soon to be ex husband was younger than her. Weirdly enough her soon to be ex was cheating on her and she found out and kicked him out. He's with that girl and she's due soon with her 4th child.

My friend and the girls ex had talked because she told him about the cheating. My friend is now dating the guy who was with the How Young Is Too Young When Dating A Younger Man. Please click for source been together about months now and are very happy.

My friend doesn't really look her age though. She looks mid-late 30's maybe.

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Even though they have 14 yr age difference they look cute together. There's a http://hookupslvl.info/free-dating-chatrooms/32753275l-dating-32753275m.php of growth that happens in the decade after high school. That's not to say all pairings between those ages will seem weird, but in general I wouldn't want any of my kids dating someone that much older at that age.

Part of that also comes from having made that mistake myself at that age. I do think there is a bit of a double standard when women date younger men. I think it's partially because we assume women mature faster and mostly because there's a concept of older women being less desirable. An older man with a young woman is a winner with his trophy whereas a young man with more info older woman must be a cougar and her prey.

I don't think it's weird at all, both ways. I have had my fair share of large age gap relationships. I do however believe that while maturity may not be an issue, I believe that you need to recognize that you may be in a different place in life when it comes to dating someone so much younger.

I was 19 when I started dating a man who was I was mature and we got along very well.

How Young Is Too Young When Dating A Younger Man

While the relationship was great, it just didn't work out in the end. He was pushing 30 and wanted to start the whole settle down with kids thing while I was just starting college and couldn't even go out to bars yet. We worked but just not enough. I am still close friends with my ex to this day now that I am almost 28 myself and he is 37, married to a woman his age, and with a toddler. This is just my story and could be way different with your situation. If you have a connection with this guy then you should definitely let it play out and see what happens.

It's interesting how you worded this in each situation how it's viewed looking at the man. If you reversed it you could say an older woman with a younger man is definitely a winner, sexy and desirable in her "older age", while a young woman with an older man must be a gold digger and with her sugar daddy. I don't believe either cause, but the stereotype doesn't only exist negatively on the older woman. My husband's ex wife was 12 years older than source. They didn't see it as a problem and none of the issues regarding age or maturity are what ended their marriage.

In our marriage, he's twelve years older than me. I don't care about age as long as both parties are a match and happy. My mom and stepdad will celebrate their 20th anniversary next month.

He was 23 and she was 49 when they married. He is one year younger than my oldest sister and only a few years older than me.

Our affair lasted 22 years til alshiemers claimed her mind. That was rather confusing for our waiter! My friend and the girls ex had talked because she told him about the cheating. At the same time it is certainly not uncommon for eighteen year old girls to find some guys in their thirties highly attractive.

It has honestly never bothered me, but both of my sisters had to come to grips with it in the beginning. They have had their ups and downs over the years his immaturity, her independence, and they are both extremely stubborn.

But they are still very much in love today! If my daughter at 18 years of age brought home a 40 year old guy, I wouldn't be pleased. And neither would my husband. It would just rub me the wrong way.

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It's probably because I still think of an 18 year old as a baby sometimes still in high school and it would make me question why this older man was interested in my daughter.

Before my husband, I could never seriously date a guy more than a year younger than me. In my experience, age and maturity level were absolutely correlated. Does that mean all young guys are immature? My husband is less than 2 years older than me.

When I see people with significantly younger partners I just wonder what they have in common. Like, what does a 65 year old have in common with an 18 year old?

How Young Is Too Young When Dating A Younger Man

Maybe it's because I just think back to when I was 18 and how I was still figuring myself out and compared to the woman I am today, it's a huge difference. But, whatever floats your boat.

My BIL How Young Is Too Young When Dating A Younger Man his soon to be wife are about 8 years apart and they are adorable and have so much in common. I guess like anything, it depends on the couple. As long as the person is of legal age I don't see any issue with age difference.

Go for it if you enjoy each other's company! I worded it that way to tie into the way women are often perceived. Women are often valued mainly by their sexual attractiveness when it comes to generally discussing age gaps.

No click here how it is twisted the woman can't win because she's not as complete a person, the stereotypes you listed are still negative towards the woman. A gold digger is not a positive description of a woman and it implies that the only reason a man could "earn" a much younger woman is due to financial success.

A woman being "sexy and desirable in her older age" is not the norm otherwise we'd just say she's sexy without qualifying it based on her age, so lucky her for catching a young man. I'm 36 and my husband is Been together for 5 years so 31 and 23 when we met.

I was a little apprehensive at first, probably more worried about what other people thought. Now, married and expecting our first, it's something I hardly ever think about unless one of our friends makes a good natured joke! A man being sexy and desirable in his older age is the norm? Isn't an older man who catches a younger woman "lucky" as well? Just to be clear, I'm not saying this is my personal take but if you look at the reactions to May-December relationships it's generally talked about in a way that's disrespectful to women and places their value entirely on How Young Is Too Young When Dating A Younger Man and beauty.

My husband is 37, I will be 27 next week. We never notice the age difference unless I start talking about my friends who are younger continue reading me.

Submitted by Martian Bachelor on May 3, - 4: I feel like settling down and maybe having one kid but I am not sure this man is the long haul type even though we have lots in common and share a lot of similar life experiences growing up and feels deep connections with each other. Our lives are different, and it seems to be going downhill. Because my experience is one thing and relationships.

I can see how that would be if I was older too. But also, all the guys I dated that were my age were super immature, which is what made me interested in older men. Hot Topics K posts V How young is too young? Oldest Newest 49 Posts.

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