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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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After yesterday's misfire - which needed harder clues throughout and a Thursday placement, or else a complete reconstruction of that SE corner - I needed something smooth, and I got it.

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Hot knife meets butter. This was far easier than I expected - I don't think I hesitated more than once or twice while completing the puzzle and finished in about 4: The thorniest part of the puzzle, to me, was the middle - when white squares run low and flat through the middle like that, it's always dicey for me. It intersected the answer I had most trouble with: The clue makes it sound like it's a nook in a library as opposed to a remote, mountainous part of Greece; the subject of click to see more Nicolas Poussin painting "Et in Arcadia Ego" ; or a Tom Stoppard play all of which would have screamed "ARCADIA" more than "peace-and-quiet venue".

Not that the clue is wrong - it's just Burial place of King Arthur. PS he's not dead, he's just resting up. I have several favorite parts of this puzzle. Put up in the SE, giving us three stacked four-letter answers that have double-letters in their middles: Things people are trained in? Mouse who's always throwing bricks at Krazy Katone of my very very favorite comics characters of all time. I have a reprint volume of "Krazy Kat" sitting not three feet from me. But perhaps my favorite part of the puzzle is a nice shout-out to all the solvers who crash and burn and eventually find their way here: The part wherein I describe my reaction to assorted other clues and answers: Is there a way to know which is which?

John Masefield "all I" - literally none of this clue is familiar to me, but the answer was easy to infer. And now I've got Eliza Doolittle in my ear: Sans deferment One-A - "Sans" is jarring here. I'm trying and failing to imagine an enlisted man using it to describe how he ended up in the Army. Still, it was easy to get, as the NW came together very quickly.

Acapulco acclamations oles - alliteration! Bellini two-acter "Norma" - thank god I never saw this clue. Fail miserably, in slang tank - not surprisingly, I got this instantly.

Title lover http://hookupslvl.info/free-dating-chatrooms/39193919z-dating-39193919l.php a s Broadway hit Abie - he's back.

Clearly, some day, I'm going to have to see a performance of this damned play.

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Which reminds me - I am going to see a grey wolf this weekend, partly to help support wolf preservation efforts, but mostly because the wolf's name is He's a living, breathing, canine crossword puzzle answer of the highest order. How can I pass that up? I'll try to take pictures. Little fingers or toes minimi - Oh I love this answer.

It's so ridiculous, it's beautiful. It means "the smallest ones" in Latin, so He wrote "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him" Voltaire - my first instinct was, oddly, Nietzsche, but then I remembered he was famous for a different God quote. Got a cross or two and then got Voltaire easily. Glad you trot ENOS out again today, especially in his "spacechimp" form. Repertoire component confirmed it.

Title locale in a Cheech Source flick East L.

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers For Yeti And Artic Chicago

Actor Billy of "Titanic" Zane - why isn't he in more stuff. And moreover, why do I know his name so well if he is mostly famous for being a supporting actor in this bloated monstrosity of a film? What demonstrators demonstrate activism - this feels clunky.

Auto shop's offering loaner - aargh. Senate tally ayes - symmetry! Kind of like the moment where the roller coaster just crosses the highest point of its ascent and you start to fall. A to Z - five theme answers begin with "A" and end with "Z" I could not finish this puzzle.

The SE corner was a complete and utter disaster. I have not hated a puzzle like I hated this one in a good, long while. It was like it was giving me the finger the whole time I was doing it. To keep vitriol to a minimum today, I'm actually not going to say much.

I don't think the puzzle is worth it. I just want to know who test-solved this thing and thought "Yeah, this feels like Tuesday"? Punishing rod is the price of executing your precious theme, then your precious theme is not worth executing.

Now, here's the thing about my failure. There's often stuff on Tuesdays that I don't know. I'm not averse to not knowing things.

No one said the balking was rational. Van Dine mystery novels of the early 20th century, I thought "Why not? They are such great friends. Why not go for two? Too bad I never saw this clue that rarely happens on Saturdays.

Alignment of the sun, earth and moon, e. And still, after all this, I'm alive I don't know SUEZ? And it took me a while even to look at that letter. Anyway, I call foul.

And ADS are often usually on the same page as editorial matter. Thanks for Your Support Your contributions help keep this site strong, independent, and ad-free! But I let it ride, and that paid off.

This is saying nothing of all the other crap that had to get into this puzzle to make the "theme" work. Georgia city or college? Why not just pick some random names out of an atlas?

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers For Yeti And Artic Chicago

Why not go for two? Sorry if I'm annoying Yankees fans today. It's really just misplaced frustration over my own puzzling incompetence, I know. And I know some of you think "There's no proof A-Rod did steroids. I love the last line of this article on the subject After yesterday's continue reading unnecessary puzzle explanation in the puzzle header, today we get a "theme" that could have used an explanation though after a few moments I figured it out.

Namesake of a branch of Judaism Ashkenaz 38D: The Rock Alcatraz Straight to the wrap-up: Daisy developed by Luther Burbank shasta - what the hell does this even mean???

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Oh, you mean an actual daisy, like a flower. I was thinking it was a rifle or something And a brand of soda pop bygone? No stranger to the slopes ski bum - good. I was really hesitant to put it in, because it seemed pretty fancy for a Tuesday. Little did I know Sporty auto, for short Jag - had REO. Bogey beater par - normally alliterative little clues for easy answers get on my nerves, but today I kinda like this little guy.

Creature from the forest moon of Endor Ewok - took me a few seconds, as I thought first of the Click at this page of Endor and then of Orcs and Ents and then efts, which are salamanders Arizona birthplace of Cesar Chavez Yuma - Never saw the movie "3: I told you the SE was a train wreck.

I know this, I just Resident of Japan's "second city" Osakan - known for their great improv comedy. Modern dance music originating in Detroit techno - that's a pretty cool answer. Detroit gets very little love these days, in the puzzle or otherwise. Again, I cry foul. It was divided by the Iron Curtain Europe - you need to know this in order to understand the significance of the nickname of one of the greatest football defenses of all time - the s Pittsburgh Steelers' "Steel Curtain.

Eucharist vessel pyx - very cute word. I know "cute" doesn't normally go with So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers For Yeti And Artic Chicago but there it is. Japan Tojo - this name will always, in my head, be spoken derisively by Hank Hill's father, Cotton.

Here he is in the episode "Shins of the Father," explaining the war injury that left him about four feet tall: I was fourteen, just a little older than Bobby.

But I knew Uncle Sam needed me, so I lied and signed up. We had beat the Nazzys in Italy, and they shipped me to the Pacific theater. A Tojo torpedo sent our troop's ship to the bottom. I could only save three of my buddies, Fatty, Stinky, and Brooklyn.