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18-Year-Old Says 14-Year-Old Girlfriend Is The ‘Love Of My Life’

I'm 24 and considering dating an 18 year old : relationship_advice

I am 24 (25 next month) and can't imagine dating someone You grow up so much from the ages that no matter how grown up or mature you could be for your age, you just aren't in the same place. I still look at 18 year olds like kids. Not in a patronizing way or anything (obviously there's nothing. Is it wrong? This girl is stunningly beautiful, in great shape, seems super nice. So far she seems like a great girl for myself because I feel like we have a lot in common. So? my uncle is 66 years old and his wife is 59! And they got married when he was 27! Its normal.

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24 Year Old Dating 18 Year Old

I do not work for the school system or volunteer. We have been seeing each other for approx 1 month. If this relationship were to go to the next level sexually, could I have a problem because she is still in high school? The age of majority in NC is 18, meaning that the law no longer cares anything at all about what personal http://hookupslvl.info/free-dating-chatrooms/50815081z-dating-50815081s.php she enters into.

Is it wrong for a 24 year old to date an 18 year old?

Http://hookupslvl.info/free-dating-chatrooms/64676467y-dating-64676467q.php is a legal adult. However, if she is still living at home while she finishes high school, then it's "My house, my rules" where her parents are concerned. The law is no longer concerned with what the two of you do, but if her parents say no, it's still no.

24 Year Old Dating 18 Year Old

This is not based on link, or even school status. It's based on the fact that her parents get to make the rules as long as she is living under their roof, no matter how old she is or what level school high school, college, grad school, work she is attending.

18-Year-Old Tells Girlfriend’s Mom And Dad: ‘You’re The Failure Of A Parent’ - Dating Site With Free Messaging!

I know some states have many laws now regarding people still in High school. Thank you for your time. Similar Threads Sex Offenses: By fiji in forum Criminal Charges. Legal Help, Information and Resources.

If you 2 like one another, then enjoy the company. Half your age plus 7. I'm not really sure what to suggest. I just couldn't get it to work out.

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It's fine, I dated a 17yr old when I was Legality has nothing to do with morality, people. Despite him being a bit rough around the edges I still really like him for some reason, all that 'bad boy' stuff is admittedly intriguing, and when it's just the two of us cuddling in bed he's really tender and loving, plus he really knows what he's doing compared to what my ex was like Am I just blinded by this source who seems like a bit of a sex god because most of my friends are 'boys' and this guy is a 'man'?

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