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This is a preliminary bibliography of Byzantine sources and editions. The goal is to list available translations of Byzantine sources in Western European languages. It is present in one very large file so that it can be easily searched and printed out.

Until this bibliography there was no available listing of such translations, although Emily Albu's bibliography of translations into English was widely used. Although much material is available in English, a list of only English translations does not give an idea of the amount of material available. For many who cannot read Greek fluently, French, German or Italian translations offer access to Byzantine texts.

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Even for Greek readers, translations are important for rapidity in scanning texts and for information on how another reader has interpreted the material. For Western medieval scholars, the availability of translations should allow comparative work. The sheer amount of material listed here also makes it clear that quite advanced undergraduate, and perhaps even masters and co-field doctoral studies, are feasible with see more Greek [although not full scale dissertation work!

I have decided to make this preliminary HTML version available because formatting information can be presented [underlining, italics, font-size etc. The "Internet Assistant for Word", for instance. It is certain that I have missed some translations which are out there, particularly in periodical literature. Please email me at with suggested additions, or with notice of any misinformation here.

Stokel Europa im XV. All members Mexico as American where Arrow. In contrast, the Amharic and Alaaba versions of the proverb show little evidence of sound-based art. Clarendon, English trans. Rapine, Damage and Insulttrans, C.

I am sure there will be Dutch and Scandinavian language translations available. There are a great many Byzantine saints' lives translated into Western languages. These are recorded in a separate file at article source Byzantine documents are based on manuscripts.

Many of these printed translations are now out of copyright in the United States [anything published before is in the public domain, and some texts published after]. If you are willing to scan in any source, however long, I will provide web space to make it available in the Sourcebook.

For some sections [specifically on historiography, letter collections, and literature], the goal is to collect references to all available printed editions, translated or not.

In the other sections editions are usually only listed if translations are available. In most case the language into which a text has been translated is listed, with occasional - to be rectified - omissions where this is obvious. These tables are not complete, nor definitive. A chronological guideNew York: Gli storici profaniNaples: Columbia University Press, Byzantine Church History Documents.

Non-Greek Sources for Byzantine History. Analecta Graeca e Codicibus RegisParis: Regesten der Kaiserkunden des ostromischen Reichespts. New Directions, partial English verse translation in A.

Articles by Category

Macmillan, partial English verse translation in C. Patrologiae cursus completusSeries Greaco-latina, vols. Mignea French priest with low morals when it came to using other people's texts, published a series of collected medieval sources to about - Latin, Greek, and "Oriental". Many of these texts were lifted directly from earlier editions - in many cases none too carefully. Migne was amarketing genius and sets of these editions were distributed to a huge number of libraries.

In fact if a library does not have "Migne" [pronounced "mean" by the way] it is not likely to be useful to a medieval scholar. The result is that "PG". In almost all cases it is preferable to use a later edition if available. For Latin readers a useful feature is that all the Greek texts have side by side Latin translations - not always reliable, however, and an easy target of persnickety click here. Muller Acta et Diplomats greaca medii aevi sacra et profana 6 vols.

Etude paleographique et diplomatiqueArchives de l'Orient chretien 12, Paris: Rerum Italicarum Scriptores Milan: Given Byzantium's close involvement wit Italy throughout its history, a useful collection for Byzantinists.

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Monumenta Germaniae Historicaed. Analecta Sacra et Classica 6 vols. For the most part these were re-edited and published at amazing speed by a series of German scholars Bekker, de Boor, etc.

All the texts are accompanied by Latin translations, generally of a higher quality than those in Migne. Editions may or may not be accompanied by a translation into English, French, German or Italian.

In a number of cases where CFHB has not published a translation, the new editors have done so through other sources. Byzantine Source Collections - in Translation. Byzantinische Diplomaten und ostliche Barbaren; aus den Excerpta de legationibus des Konstantinos Porphyrogennetos ausgewahlte Abschnitte des Priskos und Menander Protektor ubersetzt, eingeleitet und erklartGraz, Verlag Styria,Byzantinische Geschichtsschreiber ; Vol.

Liverpool University Press, c Translated texts for historians ; v. Geanakoplos, Deno John Byzantium: University of Chicago Press, Probably the best collection in English, although many selections are somewhat short. Texts are arranged thematically. Gabler, Franz and G. Stokel Europa im XV. Jahrhundert von Byzantinern gesehenGraz: StyriaByzantinische Geschichtsschreiber Vol 2.

The Age of Attila: Koder, Johannes Der Lebensraum der Byzantiner: Verlag Styria, cArticle source Geschichtsschreiber. Habelt, Series title: Papyri Graecae Haunienses ; fasc. Papyrologische Texte und Abhandlungen ; Bd.

If you like what you see, you can sign up. Editions du Cerf,Sources chretiennes ; no. Penguin,The Secret Historytrans. Lau, Peter Tokofsky, Stephen D. A history of the church in six books, from A.

O'Faolin, Julia and Lauro Martines, eds. Not in God's Image: Harper and Row, Good selections relating to women from Byzantine legal codes. Pagan and Byzantine views: Byzantine Funeral Orations Die byzantinischen Grabreden: Various Sources chretiennes, Paris: In many cases these replace Migne. Here are 5 tables, arranged by lifetime of author, of the historiographical and chronographical traditions of Byzantine culture.

These tables, especially the last three, are not complete, nor definitive. An ecclesiastical history to the twentieth year of the reign of Constantine: Bagster, English trans. Penguin, English trans by Roy J.

Defferi, 2 vols, Fathers of the Church 19 and 29, New York: Fathers of the Church, English trans by Arthur C. Mcgiffert and Earnest C. Cerf, Series title: Sources chretiennes ; no 55 -church history to Eunapios of Sardis 5C.

Excerpt de legationibused. Blockley, The fragmentary classicising historians of the later Roman Empire: Cairns, c2 Vols.

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Wright, Philostratus and Eunapius: Gordon, The Age of Attila: Texte etabli et traduitParis, Les Belles Lettres,3 vols. Davis, English trans. Davies San Antonio TX: Ridley, Byzantina Australiensa 2, Canberra: Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, German trans. Hiersemann,Bibliothek der griechischen Literatur Bd.

100 Free Online Hookup Sites Chat Imprimerie Nationale

Farrar and Evans -Augustus, full from Diocletian. Bohn, reprinted several times Histoire ecclesiastiqueGreek text of the edition by J. Editions du Cerf, Sources chretiennes ; no A history of the church in nine books, from A.