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As the title says, I've not been able to use the Sex Like Real app since updating to the new version ( I think?). I have an Oculus CV1, and the. 16 Mar If you have an iPhone, Naughty America recommends using either an app called Mobile VR Station or an app called Homido VR Player to watch the videos. However, the Support is not guaranteed. So, how well does VR porn trick your brain into feeling like the experience is, um, real? For me, it. The Sex Like Real VR application is available across almost all VR platforms, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. The app itself has a fantastic UI, and lets you choose from videos from a variety of different websites in one place. If you're not looking for any piece of content in particular, this.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Pure, the hookup app.

Everyone is at least km away from me so I just wasted my money Full Review. Despite not even using the app yet! Norton will delete several files in it, as it will 'wrongly' detect them as possible threat and you wont be able to use my program. We already have a list of few here, but want to completely improve user experience in future. Girraj Yadav January 2,

Item added to wishlist. Item removed from wishlist. With Pure, your private life stays private. No social media links. We provide end-to-end encryption and automatically delete your chats. Upload a selfie and match with somebody who appeals to you. Chat for an hour tops your convo disappears after that. If you're charging mandatory just to use your app, you should really be better at stopping fake accounts. Cancelling subscription and not renewing.

Great idea if it was go here and more people used it. Everyone is at least km away from me so I just wasted my money. Blindly paid for 1 month subscription when first open apps without showing there is a Free Trial! I have cancelled my subscription as there was only 1 match which is km away from me.

Cancelling subscription and not renewing Full Review. There seems to be a lot of bots, everyone i talk to asks me to sign up on something else Any pair of compatible goggles should work, but you should probably consider investing in a pair with a strap for… better immersion. If your being forced into some proprietary app, you're being had, and put into walled garden lock down.

Strongly suggest if there are enough users at the area then maybe you can start subscription. I tried for like two day straight and cancelled my automatic subscription as app was not able to find a match in a city like Mumbai. If you don't have opposite sex person in that area, you should specify while selecting the location. Although concept is great source the app.

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Paid for week subscription, yet have i matched with a real person, all bots, closest i seem to find is km away, im in the usa why dosent it use miles instead. Wish you could select area to only search for.

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Wish more real people would have this app. I want to know how to ensure my account is canceled. Only matches are miles away from me. Customer support does not return messages in a timely manner. Waste of time app. User reviews Malik Tucker February 15, Cancelling subscription and not renewing Full Review. Cameron Quigley February 11, Everyone is at least km away from go here so I just wasted my money Full Review.

Misterico Limited February 13, Wilson Ong January 3, Misterico Limited January 5, Girraj Yadav January 2, Misterico Limited January 3, Deleting after tomorrow Full Review.

Sex Like Real App Not Working

Misterico Limited January 11, Justin Fisher December 29, Waste of time app Full Review. Misterico Limited December 30, Misterico Limited January 24, Alex Southcott January 11, Well, I thought I'd try it again in the new year to see if it's improved. Cancelled repeat subscription again. Misterico Limited September 14, David Mahon January 2, Do not download this app.

It is complete trash. They are stealing your money. Customer service here sucks. I still have yet to get a refund! Misterico Limited January 1, Cw January 31, Okay so Ive tried it several times in the U. S and it isnt that great. First off how the hell do you have a subscription to where you have to pay to communicate basically, but still have bots and fake people on here.

Thats the biggest BS ive ever seen. Second this app really shouldnt read article a paid subscription. The app isnt that popular yet. Im still seeing people that are way on the other side of the United States.

The app itself is really slow at loading other people in your area. It would also be nice if you had the distance in mileage vs km for people in Sex Like Real App Not Working United States. Work on this app guys it desperatly needs some attention.

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Misterico Limited February 1, This is a complete scam. Every girl on this is a bot or a person trying to get u to use a credit card. If i would've kept all the txts then i could've posted them.

Its so bad that i even got 2 of the same people spamming me both with different accounts but the same phone dont do this if u value ur time and money. Misterico Limited January 19, Ben Gerber Click the following article 27, Lied about free trial, charged me day one.

Contacted support and they gave me B. App UI is garbage and is poorly optimized. Also shows you people very far from you if there's no one close but that doesn't really make sense for an app like this. Distance should be customizable at least. Misterico Limited January 13, Jay sukhwani December 28, Tricking people for Sex Like Real App Not Working 3 day trial to link the credit card and debit card by mistake if anyone forgets to cancel the trial they will be charged the money and I think so it is not refundable I don't know Full Review.

Misterico Limited December 29, Upendhar Mohan January 30, I have been trying to find a match for over a month.

Sex Like Real App Not Working

I just don't find any match at all This is sure a money loss app. Misterico Limited January 31, Aaron Adams January 30, If you like cam girls this is your app. I have yet to speak with anyone that is not pitching another site or service.

Doesn't seem to have that large of a member base. Everyone Is so far away. Vicky Jain January 6, here Not sure if the app is very bad but it is not for Indian audiance for sure.

Did not work for me I can say that don't know about other's Full Review. Misterico Limited January 7, Kolade Greg January 14, I don't even have anyone in my area. Please refund my money The email doesn't exist.

You are a scam Full Review. Misterico Limited January 15, If you're looking for a fairly sexist app with vagina iconography everywhere but nothing phallic whatsoever that mainly caters to the pitiful lusts Sex Like Real App Not Working desperate single men, then this is your app!