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The Untold Truth Of American Pickers

American Pickers’ Danielle Colby is married! Meet her husband Alexandre

15 Jul Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz aren't the only men in American Pickers star Danielle Colby's life! Meet her husband, French artist Alexandre De Meyer!. 10 May On History Channel's American Pickers, Cushman is the savvy woman behind the scenes, holding the store together in Iowa while the Laurel and Hardy-esque duo of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz drive around the country looking for buried antique treasure. She's also a burlesque dancer and former roller. Colby more than a pretty face on 'American Pickers'. January 11th, by Susan Pierce in Life Entertainment Read Time: 4 mins. Three years ago, Mike Wolfe asked his friend of 10 years, Danielle Colby, to help man his store while he and pal Frank Fritz were on the road for a new television show in development.

She appears in the show alongside Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.

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They have been appearing together since Currently, the show is running its season She is an American by nationality belonging to the White-American ethnicity. In early days, she owned and participated in a female roller derby, the Big Mouth Mickies, for three years.

Danielle Colby became interested in burlesque at the very young age of 12 and began to perform burlesque dancing.

Colby more than a pretty face on 'American Pickers'

The show prompted her desire to become a burlesque dancer. Within the short period of time, the show became the top-rated nonfiction series of Currently, the show is running its 18th season.

Colby owned and participated in a female roller derby team, the Big Mouth Mickies, for three years until injuries forced her to give it up. And what about Mr. You are the ones to cast the first stone and probably cast it at Christ Himself.

Danielle Colby is also a fashion designer. The boutique is in the Wicker Park area of Chicago, which was opened on 18 January Her successful dancing career, reality television shows, and her boutique have played a significant role in her financial success. Colby is active on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. She posts recent updates about her activities on her social accounts.

Danielle Colby Bio: net worth, married, divorce, husband, children, American Pickers

She has huge fan followers on her Twitter account. Danielle Colby is a married woman.

Colby and De Meyer have been happily married ever since their marriage. The married couple resides in Chicago co-parenting three children together. Colby has two children with her former husband and one niece- she lives together with her aunt and cousins.

On the popular History Channel show American PickersMike Wolfe and Frank Fritz make a business of traveling around the country in search of hidden gems. They were probably pretty used to watching me do stupid stuff by then. I have very short hair, wear jeans all the time, love to drive bikes and fast too, I am a collector as well, love football, ran track, played basketball. I'm really boring when I'm on the road.

Alexander De Meyer is a designer who primarily creates poster, covers, artwork, logos, stickers, t-shirts and other pieces of stuff. He is of French origin and Caucasian ethnicity.

Is Danielle Dating Mike On American Pickers

Colby previously married to Kevin Coby Though the successful TV career gave her financial and professional success, it also caused her and her husband grow apart.

Her television career eventually led to the breakup of her marriage.

Is Danielle Dating Mike On American Pickers

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