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When God Does the Impossible

26 May How do you put words to a miracle? This past October He did the impossible. He brought us back together. And lest you think it was all sunshine and rainbows, you should know that it was messy and ugly and plain hard. But it was good. It was so very good. There were endless conversations and difficult. Posts about testimonies of god bringing couples together written by Rhodonna Boyd. Just a couple of months after moving to the same state, they were at the altar. A full 19 years after first .. She is thankful for every guy that she liked who did not like her back, because she got the man who was the best man for her!. 15 Mar So I asked God to either bring her and me back together as better people or to lead us both to someone else who was better, whichever brought Him the most glory. I began to wonder if I should say something to her about this, but I feared I might overstep my bounds and try to do God's work for Him.

I have a problem related to a confusing and heart-wrenching breakup I had nearly a year ago. She was — is — one of the most wonderful Christian women I know, yet she broke up with me. I thought we were happy together. The night before I went to visit her at college, she called me and told me to come prepared to talk.

I had no idea it would be a breakup talk. She has hardly talked to me since. I stashed away everything I had that would remind me of her: Does God Bring Couples Back Together things I had little or no control over would remind me of her. So I asked God to either bring her and me Does God Bring Couples Back Together together as better people or to lead us both to someone else who was better, whichever brought Him the most glory.

I sought the counsel of friends. Some thought I was still hung-up on her, that once I met someone else I would be overcome with love for her and be over it.

Others admired my loyalty and love. Several months had passed by this point. I prayed and asked God what to do.

I wrote down what I believed was His answer. It said I could email her but that the rest was up to Him. I was still confused, but I told her that I would accept her answer. I then asked if it was a good time to rebuild our friendship. I waited for weeks for an answer, but got none. I sent her two reminders, but still nothing. Finally, I wrote her an email confronting her on this and saying all the things I wanted to say since it seemed our friendship was doomed.

None of this makes click to see more to me.

I have been praying to God hoping he will answer my prayers but nothing is happening. Comments 14 Share what you think. I asked help from my Christian friends and they gave me advice and one of them is to go to God. Your voice is missing! I can tell you that I would run the other way.

I blame myself for it. Second, because it seems my conduct has driven her away. Should I pray for reconciliation and, at the least, a restored friendship? Or is it hopeless?

I made an effort to encourage openness in our relationship, talking about our thoughts rather than assuming things. While my ex and I were together, we promised each other that we would marry each other. This couple had been sexually active before meeting each other.

Could God, even now, still change her heart? Or should I pray I can love another woman like I did her? Maybe I can offer some thoughts on helping this experience inform some of your journey ahead. Many wonderful Christian singles end relationships with other wonderful Christians for any number of reasons. Now you need to respect her by respecting her decision. I know it is difficult to understand why God would allow you to have such strong feelings for someone who does not reciprocate those feelings, but He does.

That is now part of both of your lives. Some new kind of relationship has to come out of it, one that accepts the whole history.

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This new paradigm thanks God for the good and trusts Him to bring glory out of the bad. Given the reality that life as the two click here you knew it before is not possible, you have to consider what is best for you moving forward. It also places her in an awkward position, at least for now. Time and space apart is what I advise.

Recognize the pit of hell from which that comes, and reject it immediately. God has given His life because of His love for you. A million failed relationships, much less a couple, will never speak one word about your worth in the love department.

Does God Bring Couples Back Together

What do you pray now? Let me see her as You see her. Give me strength to move forward in Your steps.

Does God Bring Couples Back Together

Use this to draw me into deeper relationship with You, God. Not mine, but Thy will be done.

Encouraging singles who are waiting on God's best for them.

Why Breakups Feel Like Divorce: Helping young adults mature in Christ and prepare for marriage and family. Home Relationships Adulthood Faith. Is there hope for reconciliation after a breakup? Mar 15, John Thomas.

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