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Michael Stone was twice convicted of the murders of Lin and Megan Russell, but his sister, Barbara, pictured is leading a campaign for his release. As an adult he was addicted to heroin, convicted of serious acts of violence and diagnosed with an untreatable personality disorder.

But if he did not bludgeon to death Dr Lin Russell and her six-year-old daughter Megan and leave for dead her other daughter Josie, nine, in a remote link in Kent on July 9,then he should not be in prison now. If his three life sentences are overturned — and they were secured on the flimsiest learn more here evidence — Stone is likely to be awarded a large sum from the public purse, perhaps as high as seven figures.

He is not a sympathetic figure and his release will not fill the public with unalloyed relief. But justice must be served. That Stone still has hopes of acquittal after two trials and 21 years behind bars is all down to the campaigning efforts of his sister Barbara, his barrister Michael McDonald and solicitor Paul Bacon.

The lawyers remain convinced that in spite of his history Stone, Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Are Proof Coloring has always protested his innocence, is the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice. Miss Stone shares this belief. She had never doubted his innocence.

Stone was arrested after the BBC Crimewatch programme marked the first anniversary of the Russell murders. A psychiatrist who had treated Stone and knew of his paranoid schizophrenia contacted police. It also emerged that Stone had tried to get himself readmitted to a hospital psychiatric wing the day after the attack.

A fellow prisoner called Damien Daley told police that Stone pictured had confessed to the murders as they talked from next-door cells.

He was arrested and interviewed at length but denied any part, and despite being identified by a witness, there was no forensic evidence to link him to the bloodied scene. The apparent breakthrough came in September when Stone was remanded to Canterbury prison. A fellow prisoner called Damien Daley told police that Stone had confessed to the murders as they talked from next-door cells.

Stone was convicted of the attacks at Maidstone Crown Court in October But four days later another inmate, who had also given evidence that Stone had confessed, said he had lied.

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Stone was granted an appeal, his convictions were quashed and he was retried in Nottingham in He was convicted again, on a majority verdict. He showed no emotion but his sister cried out: Afterwards Det Supt Dave Stevens, who led the investigation, said: We were looking for a maniac and Stone is a maniac.

I have no doubt he was responsible. He had click part in the stabbing of a drug dealer. Miss Stone said recently: Stone, 57, was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, one of five siblings.

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If Stone's pictured three life sentences are overturned — and they were secured on the flimsiest of evidence — Stone is likely to be awarded a large sum from the public purse.

According to relatives one of the husbands, Peter Stone — from whom he and Barbara took their family name — beat him with a hammer, the type of weapon used in the Russell killings. As a child Stone tortured animals stolen from pet shops and forced a schoolgirl to strip at knifepoint in the playground.

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He received the first of his 14 separate convictions while he was in care, aged He stole and burgled to buy drink and drugs. As a young man he stabbed a former school friend in the chest while he was asleep on a sofa. When arrested for this, Stone attacked two police officers, gouging the eye of one. Shortly after his release in he was jailed for eight years for armed robbery, serving six. He returned to live with his mother by the Medway. A heroin addict, he stole to feed his habit. Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Are Proof Coloring was also displaying clear symptoms of mental illness.

Stone was to spend months in psychiatric hospitals. A local authority report released a decade later revealed both his problems and failures in the health system to address them properly in the months before July Stone had told doctors he had felt like murdering children on more than one occasion. His warnings contained references to hammers and the countryside. He also missed taking medication. The last threat to kill was made only five days before the Russells were attacked. A horrifying story has become even more grubby.

Only two matters remain certain: Levi Bellfield's family release chilling recording from behind bars denying claims by Michael Stone's lawyers that he murdered Lin and Megan Russell in hammer attack.

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Michael Stone, now 57, is serving three life sentences with a minimum of 25 years in prison for the killings in Chillenden, Kent, which shocked the nation in Lin's elder daughter, Josie, nine, miraculously survived the frenzied attack, in which even the family dog, Lucy, was slaughtered. Stone's lawyers claim Bellfield confessed in length and in detail to a fellow prisoner whom he had grown to trust, and that an independent witness confirmed he was near the scene of the murders when they happened.

But in a chilling audio segment recorded in his cell and released by his family this evening, Bellfield rubbishes the claims that he murdered the pair. Stone was found guilty in largely on the strength of a disputed cell confession and has fought a protracted legal battle to clear his name.

Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Are Proof Coloring

Milly Dowler murderer Bellfield branded the allegations from Stone's lawyers the work of a 'fantasist' and 'compulsive liar'. Serial killer Levi Bellfield left, a police mugshot allegedly confessed to murdering Lin Russell and her daughter Megan in Michael Stone, now 57, right, outside the Court of Appeal in is serving three life sentences with a minimum of 25 years in prison.

The explosive raft of claims and counter claims began this afternoon at a press conference at at 33 Bedford Row Chambers in central London.

Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Are Proof Coloring

Stone's lawyers announced they had submitted a dossier of new evidence to the Criminal Cases Review Commission CCRCwhich could refer the matter to the Court of Appeal, which has the power to quash convictions. The confession is detailed and has a number of facts that are not in the public domain.

He is a man known to attack and murder women. His weapon of choice is a hammer.

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They are pictured in an undated handout photo. In a recording sent to national media this evening, Bellfield claimed the 'vile and untrue' allegations came from a conversation he had with serial rapist Richard Baker.

Bellfield, who is now known as Yusuf Rahim, said: They are what they are - the here of a lonely Shaun Russell with his wife Lin and daughters Megan second left and Josie rightwho survived the attack. Claims by Stone's lawyers that Bellfield admitted to the murders have been denied by him in a recorded message from his cell.

Josie Russell is now a successful textile artist, and is pictured at home in August It is not known what Josie thinks of the latest developments, but she has always maintained Stone is guilty. Stone's lawyers have provided Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Are Proof Coloring items of evidence they believe prove Bellfield's guilt. Bellfield is said to have told him he had spotted the Russells walking home and approached them with a hammer.

Mrs Russell had begged him not to hurt her children. According to the prisoner, Bellfield said he struck her first and then Josie; then their dog was killed followed by Megan. Mr McDonald told the Mail: It now needs to be referred to the Court of Appeal so it can be properly assessed. It has to be put in the context that the only thing that convicted Stone ironically was a cell confession.

Stone's barrister, Mark McDonald, said: Although Michael Stone was twice found guilty of murdering Lin and Megan Russell, his case has been contentious. Stone was convicted on the basis of claims by three prison inmates that he had confessed to them. After one of the inmates admitted soon after the Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Are Proof Coloring ended that they had lied and another was discredited, a re-trial was ordered. But one of the witnesses, Damian Daley, held fast article source said Stone confessed to the hammer murders through a heating pipe into the next cell at Canterbury Prison, something Stone maintains was a lie.

One particular point of controversy was a shoe lace found near the murder scene, which Stone's supporters claimed could prove his innocence but had been lost by Kent Police. Officers said the shoelace was still in their possession but had been DNA tested so many times it was no longer of value.

Mr Bacon said there was concern over Kent Police's investigation and Mr McDonald said the force were 'unenthusiastic' when passed the new evidence. Stone's sister Barbara said the new evidence offered her and her brother the 'biggest hope' to clear his name.

Known as the bus stop killer, Bellfield, 49, is currently serving two whole life terms, for the murders of Milly Dowler, Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange, and for the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy pictured, outside the Old Bailey in A spokesman for the CCRC said they received the application from Stone's lawyers on August 23 and the case is currently under active investigation. Known as the bus stop killer, Bellfield, 49, is currently serving two whole life terms, for the murders of Milly Dowler, Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange, and for the attempted murder of Kate Bedford Male Dating Experts Mistakes Are Proof Coloring.

Now going under a new name after converting to Islam, the former wheel clamper caused outrage by finally admitting raping and murdering year-old Milly during a prison interview in May It is widely believed by detectives that Bellfield is responsible for numerous other crimes dating back to the s.

He has been linked to 24 violent attacks and rapes in the two decades before he was caught in Paul Bacon told a press conference in London pictured this afternoon that Milly Dowler's murderer Bellfield admitted the killings in prison. Now, 11 years on, she is a successful textile artist, who announced her engagement to her boyfriend of 12 years, Iwan Griffith, in August aged The couple met in a pub in Caernarfon on December 31,while Josie was at university.

Josie, pictured with her Welsh mountain pony inannounced her engagement to her boyfriend of 12 years, Iwan Griffith, in August aged Their romance was sparked by their love of learn more here dramatic Welsh landscape. Josie and Iwan now share home, in the foothills of Snowdonia, where she and Megan had lived with their parents.

Inusing money from a trust fund and compensation for her injuries, Josie was able to buy back the house which the couple have lovingly renovated. Her studio is the bedroom that Lin decorated for her when she was a little girl.