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How To Play Hard To Get & Avoid Being Needy With Women

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21 Oct As a single woman and Dating Expert, you will often hear me quote, “Don't hate the player, hate the game.” And, as much as men and women hate to admit it, there is always a game in the game of love. I know, because I have played many and have prided myself on being “hard to get.” I also know because. 27 Mar There's a method behind her madness: She's playing hard to get to gauge your interest and level of commitment, a new study in the European Journal of Personality reveals. Women who act demure at first are mainly looking to weed out guys who want one-night-stands rather than real relationships, says. Two of the most common reasons that a woman will play hard to get with a guy are: 1. He's not being enough of a challenge for her. 2. He's being really nice to her and expecting to be rewarded with sex, love and relationship because of it. Watch these two videos to understand how it works.

Need no-fail dating advice from women who can get guys without much effort? Emily Blackwood for YourTango explain the essential rules behind playing hard to get.

How Does A Woman Play Hard To Get

If your dating life feels like a constant carousel of falling for guys who never text you back or send you the charming "sup" six weeks laterthen it's time to change. It's no secret that men love a challenge; that's why all their favorite hobbies include scoreboards and fistfights. And while women tend to see click in love as fate-driven and serendipitous, many men won't step up their game unless they feel like they have to.

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Though it might sound a little high school at first, playing hard to get comes with some serious benefits. Not only are you putting yourself more in control of your love life, but you're also displaying your self-worth to the world in a way that makes you hella attractive to others. To start, you'll need a coy look, your iPlum numberand some self-control after all, if he's cute, it's going to be hard to play it cool!

Got your mask ripped off and couldn't handle the shame. It happened source me recently and I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was freaked out, because he had been very consistent for the first month, then the curveball. I, for one, do not wish to listen to their in-fighting and rude, snarky passive-aggressive remarks. Playing hard to get is one way for women to determine if their potential partner would be up to the task.

Here are the three things you've got to do, if you're going to play it cool like the most attractive women do:. For some reason, it's been engraved in our brains that guys are just too dumb to realize we like them, and it's up to us to let them know.

We've made male romantic laziness a norm, and it needs to stop.

Make him work for your attention because you deserve someone who's willing to put in some effort. And if that effort doesn't start in the beginning, then newsflash!

Women who play hard to get never act too interested. They never spend too much time chatting with a guy right after meeting him, and definitely no kissing on the first date.

The women liked the men most when they didn't know what rating the men had given them. I wish that some people writing in comments on this article would take their road rage elsewhere. Don't be the one to set up the first dates. She may genuinely want to date around and keep her options open at this time. As a result, you begin the process by building initial interest and getting attention, then switch gears by becoming aloof and letting others chase you.

If you worried that making him work might chase him off, then let him go. He wasn't worth your time anyway. Don't take everything he says as truth. Unfortunately, people lie all the time, and you don't always know what you're getting yourself into.

Ask questions, do some digging, and figure out if the person you're into is really who they say they are. Until you're comfortable enough to get that close with someone, keep him at a distance. Don't tell them where you live or give out your cell number.

If you aren't already using it, the iPlum app has made playing it cool and keeping safe super easy.

What You Need to Do When She’s Playing Hard to Get

You can text and call someone without ever giving them your real information, because iPlum gives you a totally different US phone number on your cell. You use it just like a regular phone number, but creeps can't track you down. Happens to also come in handy when traveling internationally no roaming charges! However you do it, keep control of guys' access to you, and make sure he's on the up-and-up.

After reining in your male suitor, you might be tempted to fall into the comfort zone of hour texting and getting as far up each other's butts as metaphorically possible. Your time is precious, and it shouldn't be wasted on some guy you're not even going to remember in 20 years.

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Make him prove that he's deserving of your time by letting him know that you don't have a lot of it to spare. So let his calls go to voicemail and wait a day to text back. If that's enough to scare him off, then good riddance.

How Does A Woman Play Hard To Get

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