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5 Things Women Don’t Realize About Men!

50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men

13 May We can be weak or scared. We can go limp. We can complain. We can be nice and sweet. Don't make men out to be machismo meatheads who just walk around looking for sex and expect us to always be strong and confident and take charge on every single little thing. We are human, too. It's not bad to be. We can be pretty confusing. But men can be just as confusing, if not more! Next time you're wondering why your man isn't responding to your text or if that new guy you've been talking to actually likes you, remember that they have a lot going on in their minds too. Here are ten secrets you should know about men. 29 Sep Are you baffled by the opposite sex? Worried about what he's thinking? Worry no more! Here are 50 things you should know about guys.

Are you baffled by the opposite sex?

Here are 50 things you should know about guys. I think men are the most puzzling of the sexes, with some kind of built-in multiple personality issues that arise whenever other males walk into the room. Well, not any more. All of those little things that drive you crazy can be explained by a few things you just need to know about men. Here are 50 things you should know about guys that will not only explain his erratic behavior, but also make your relationship much less frustrating.

Here are some helpful hints guys wish you knew. Click freaks a guy out when you order a salad and he has a steak and potato. This is one thing that is a guarantee about men.

If he wants to see you again, he will call. Also, let him chase you. While you might be wondering what flowers to pick for your bridal bouquet, your guy is just thinking in the moment. Men very rarely fall in love at first date — or second or third date for that matter. The age old debate on whether or not a guy should pay ends here. A guy should pay. He wants to pay. He wants to show you that he can be the breadwinner.

Let him pay, and thank him politely. Speaking of polite, guys are really put off by a woman who has no manners. Manners are extremely important to a man. He wants the kind of woman he can take home to mom and not be embarrassed. In fact, if you want him to kiss you, it really is best that you give him some kind of unspoken sign. Smile and stand there a little longer than necessary, or lean in when you say goodnight.

Guys want to be the one Things Women Should Know About Men ask you out. Honestly, let him be the one to ask you out again; it makes him feel like the alpha which is extremely important to him. Guys want you to understand that they appreciate a woman who is herself. Sex can be one of the most terrifying moments for women. All the things we worry about are pretty useless, though.

When it comes to sex, here are the things you should know about guys. Yes, ladies; men feel unattractive, too. Men will freak out over their performance, ladies. Guys are just as nervous about please click for source as we are.

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Every man has different techniques he enjoys when it comes to getting head, so keep in mind that while one guy might like a little teeth, another guy might not.

Guys are just as affected by a lustless lover. Okay, just for the record, I know it seems almost sexist to say it, but we women really do confuse love and sex much of the time.

Therefore, guys really wish you understood that a booty call is really just sex. They thrive on listening to you scream their name in click Scream for him, ladies. Men want their woman all to themselves.

Speaking of porn, you should know that porn is a must for men. Things Women Should Know About Men are visual creatures and sometimes they just need to watch porn and get themselves off. He likes lingerie, but he prefers you naked. In fact, it just gives him an excuse to have sex in the shower something he likes to do anyway.

In fact, we women often make it seem much more complex than it needs to be. If you want him to do the dishes, tell him once and sit down. Whether you decide to continue to nag him is definitely up to you sometimes women need to do a bit of nagging. However, be assured, he heard you the first time you told him to do it. You should know that guys need their space, too. Well…he wishes the same thing about you sometimes. You really should know that men love being the protector. They want to keep you safe and warm, they want to feel their alpha click flowing as they kill that giant crawly bug for this web page, and they certainly want you to ask them for help.

Spare your man and keep the drama between the girls. He knows that your cootie covered self will want to snuggle and will in return give him your ailment. Not the crazy, dramatic, set the house on fire kind of drunk. The cute, flirty, have-sex-with-me-NOW kind of drunk.

Things Women Should Know About Men

Guys in a relationship need you to control your crazy. You cannot get super possessive and over emotional at every little mistake he makes.

It hurts when you do not prepare yourself and it will turn her off from letting you do it again. Satire not only aims up but is formatted in a way to make a point on how ridiculous an idea is. Most men are NOT misogynistic, sexist, idiotic toolbags as is the man who wrote this article. Men do not talk as much as women do as proven by a study that reports the average words per day for men is around 2, click the average word count for women is 7, It is super hot when the women initiates intimacy.

By the way, crazy equals drama. You have to remember that guys are usually much more laid back than we are. You should know that guys love it when you make them stuff.

13 Things Women Should Know About Guys

When it comes to http://hookupslvl.info/get-paid-to-flirt/38203820t-dating-38203820e.php, you need to know one thing about guys: Sure, that little skirt is hot and your breasts look fantastic in that low cut dress, but your everyday jeans and ponytail are what really drive him wild!

Men are possessive creatures. They want your time and attention. In other words, they hate to be ignored. Seriously, he hates to be ignored. In the same line of thinking as you not being at all impressed with his limited addition Star Wars shirt and matching mug, he more info not be overexcited about every little whim that makes you go Things Women Should Know About Men with giddiness.

Men are different around their friends than they are with you, men have a fairly unbreakable friendship pact, and men click to see more groups are idiots. One thing you need to know about guys is that they are very uncomfortable hooking your friends up with theirs. You see, guys know all of your girl drama and they already know which of their friends are jerks, so combining the two is, to them, a recipe for disaster.

Do not expect your guy to play matchmaker to your girlfriends. Just like you need time to go shopping with your best friends, and time to sit in your jammies and eat ice cream out of the carton with the girls, your guy needs time to do guy stuff with his friends. He needs to be able to go out, have a beer and play pool; he needs to be able to wind down with some mindless guy talk and loud sports. Speaking of loud sports, you should know that once the game is on, you are turned off.

Yes, you can absolutely loathe all of his friends to the point where they are permanently banned from being within twenty feet of you. Things Women Should Know About Men

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He might even agree to keep them away. All except for one, that is. In fact, the more you complain, the more your guy will take it personally. It is best to accept that his BFF is going to be around.

If you ever need a reason to leave the house and do a little girl time, do it when he has his read article over. If Things Women Should Know About Men and the guys choose to go out, be prepared to pick someone up from the bar, or have their bail money ready.

Men in groups revert to prepubescent grudges and gags including some dares. Have you ever wondered why women outlive men? Just watch men in groups. No matter how pissed off you are, or how much your guy deserves it, never lecture a man in front of the guys. One of the things you should know about guys is that they are very protective of their status around other men.

Stop trying to make me care! Do yourself a favor and read up a bit on it. You know what goes through yours. O, the relationship as a whole could go downhill.

If you have to lecture him on whatever you just bailed him out of jail for, do it after the guys have left so at least he saves face. Plus, it keeps you from sounding like his mother in front of his friends. Another thing you should know about guys is that they hate to be referred source by their pet name in front of other people. This is especially true in front of their pals. If you were in middle school, your guy would get his ass kicked in the locker room for that one.

Things Women Should Know About Men

When guys go out with their friends, most women have visions of strip clubs and car surfing going through their heads. If you get along too well with his friends, he will sulk and be miserable all night. What was so funny? So there you have it, ladies. More importantly, you now know how to react to those 50 things.

Remember, men have delicate egos and are easily jealous of other guys — especially their good looking friends. Keep these things in mind and you will have a much smoother relationship. It's all in this little "truth-serum" guide.