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San Jose del Monte is a component suburban city in the province of Bulacan in Central Luzon, Philippines. It is bordered by the cities of Caloocan and Quezon of Metro Manila in the south, by the town of Rodriguez, Rizal in the east, the towns of Santa Maria and Marilao in the west and Norzagaray in the north. According to . San Jose Del Monte City Area Post office ZIP Code is San Jose Del Monte City zip code is San Jose Del Monte City post office Address,,, Philippines. San Jose Del Monte City ZIP Code Use the above search box to find San Jose Del Monte City Zip hookupslvl.info the name of any place in San Jose Del Monte City to find the Postal Code or Zip Code. In this mechanical and complicated life style of human beings, it is very difficult to remember a particular locality in San Jose Del Monte City. Our aim is to provide.

According to the census, it has a population ofpeople, [3] making it the largest local government unit within Bulacan province and the 18th most populated city in the Philippines. San Jose del Monte is home of one of the biggest resettlement area in the Philippines, Sapang Palay resettlement in 36 barangays pop: People living here came from former informal settlers along creeks, esteros, riverbanks and railway tracks of PacoPandacanSta. The city's mayor is Arthur B.

In Marcha decree from the Archbishop of Manila on the creation of new municipalities was announced in Lagulo Church in Meycauayan. The decree included the list of families who volunteered to be relocated. These families brought with them rice, wine, Zip Code San Jose Del Monte Bulacan and salt from Lagulo now Malhacan in exchange for the wild pigs, deer, yantok and almasigan of the Itas click the following article Dumagats.

Solares, including intended lots for main roads, were peacefully distributed to the new occupants after being measured and surveyed. Early accounts on the founding of this town, as gathered from the old people, yielded information that it was formerly a part of the town of Meycauayan. The town reportedly got its name from Saint Joseph whose statue was found in a veritable forest; the hunters called it San Jose Del Monte.

In all probability, the hunters reported their find to the parish priest of Meycauayan. It was said that the priest built a stone church at the site where the town proper is now located.

The statue was installed in the new church. He took charge of the parish in The first town inhabitants came from Meycauayan. The population, not exceeding people, belonged to the family of farmers and stonecutters of Libtong and Meycauayan. They lived a simple lifestyle and raised fish, root crops, vegetables, fruits and other natural products. During the revolt against Spain, the town became a battleground between the Katipuneros and the Spain forces.

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The revolutionaries lost and the vengeful Spanish soldiers burned down the settlement. The town people fled for their lives to nearby towns.

At the advent of the American rule, it was made a part of Sta. Maria until when the town was created and Ciriaco Gallardo was appointed the first municipal president. Public schools were opened at the start of the American regime but due to the scarcity of the population, the highest grade organized was the fourth grade. During the Japanese occupation, the town became an ideal hiding place of the local recognized guerrillas because of the town's hilly and wooden terrain.

In resistance, the municipality formed its own guerrilla unit. The Municipal Building was burned by dissidents on October 10, When the combined Filipino and American troops were came, peace reigned but not for long. At the height of the Huk activity, the town was raided on October 10, The Huks burned down the town hall.

The town was raided for the second time on March 21, The Huks did not succeed because of the precautionary measures instituted by the town officials.

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The Huks were gradually eliminated until the town became peaceful and progressive as we find it today. It is said to be the largest town in the whole province of Bulacan in terms of land area and population. San Jose del Monte is divided into two districts for representation purposes. It is politically subdivided into 59 barangays of which 23 barangays comprise the first district while 36 compose the second district.

The elevation of the city ranges from approximately 40— meters above sea level; the relief transitions from warm lowland to cool upland as one click eastward.

This is because the city is part of the Sierra Madre mountain range. Plains and river valley flats characterize the western and southwestern quadrant.

The central portion and much of its eastern section is made up of undulating hills with low relief. High relief areas moderate slopes best describe its extreme eastern and northwestern quadrant.

It is directly connected to Marilao River, which flows downwards to Manila bay. Draining to these rivers are creeks and streams, which act as catchment areas for the surface water runoff of the city. Among these Zip Code San Jose Del Monte Bulacan the Bigte, Kantulot, Katinga and Salamin creeks.

Bulacan ZIP Code (Philippines)

Growing commercial, residential, and light industrial areas, are found all over the city at major road intersections and along major thoroughfares. The largest contiguous built-up area is at Sapang Palay Resettlement Project area, followed by the conurbation in Tungkong Mangga and Muzon. A high-density commercial strips that follows the Quirino Highway yellow line divides the city into heavily built-up western section and the largely agricultural eastern section.

The pattern can be seen in the land cover map.

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The developments east of Quirino Highway are mostly scattered residential areas and agricultural lands. However, there are a few subdivisions that are some distance away from Ciudad Real and take advantage of its secluded and rural atmosphere.

These are the Blessed Sacrament Seminary and an Augustinian convent. The clusters of built-up land uses throughout the city are dominated by residential uses such as those associated with gated communities, socialized housing, and row houses. These clusters, with the built-up areas along primary and secondary transport corridors, produce an overall pattern of sprawl.

In between the built-up clusters are pockets of agricultural lands, which are continuously converted into built-up uses.

Zip Code San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

Planted in these lands are crops such as rice and corn. The clustering pattern for both built-up and agricultural uses is partly due to the decisions made by settlers with regard to the hilly conditions that dominate the topography. Most of households in the western half of San Jose del Monte opted to convert their lands to residential uses while other maintained the farms. This left upland uses, such as those pertaining to forest use, more common towards the more info zones.

Most vegetative outgrowths are in difficult to build areas. But there are instances when these outgrowths are integrated in the built-up areas, usually found in the west: Supplementing these are mini forest projects of the city government. The City Agriculture Office maintains a 1.

In the census, the population of San Jose del Monte waspeople, [3] with a density of 5, inhabitants per square kilometre or 14, inhabitants per square mile. This makes it the largest local government unit in Bulacan province.

Zip Code San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

With the coming of settlers to San Jose Del Monte, its population increased tremendously. Its population increased dramatically since the 's as the population tended to move from rural areas check this out towns and cities.

Its proximity to Manila allowed it to accommodate its spill over population. This is further hastened by the development of nearby Quezon City and the accompanying increase in population and infrastructure. Forced relocation of informal settlers and the lure of government to provide them their own homes allowed the town to continue to grow despite the lack of government facilities then.

The town surpassed the population of Meycauayan in census and Malolos in the census, then the largest towns of Bulacan. Byit has more than two times the population of the now Zip Code San Jose Del Monte Bulacan place Santa Maria townpeople in the Census. Major agricultural crops are leafy vegetables, root crops cassava as its OTOPpineapple, mango and coffee beans. The major income earner is large- and small-scale swine production.

There are 60 commercial livestock and poultry farms in the city. The city has three major business district growth areas: They are in wholesale and retail trade. Commercial and thrift banks, pawnshops and cooperatives provide financial services.

Two major malls are in town: The city has experienced increased revenues in the past few years. The income in was comparable to the major cities and municipalities in Bulacan, such as Meycauayan, Malolos, Baliuag, Santa Maria and Marilao. Like other cities in the Philippines, San Jose del Monte is governed by a mayor and vice mayor elected to three-year terms. The mayor is the executive head and leads the city's departments in executing here city ordinances and improving public services.

The vice mayor heads a legislative council consisting of 12 members 6 from District I and 6 from District II. The council is in charge of creating the city's policies. This council formulates development plans that seeks to solve the problems and improve the conditions in the metropolis.

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The city is divided into 59 barangayswhich handle governance in a much smaller area. These barangays are grouped into two districts and the city has Lone District [ clarification needed ]which is represented by a congressman in the country's House of Representatives. The city aims to continuously provide its constituents with basic services such as social services, health services, economic services, environmental protection, tourism, peace and order, infrastructure and human resources development.

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There are a variety of resorts where people can choose from if they are after a quick escape from the busy streets of Metro Manila. Fromthe Pleasant Hill community has been a sub-parish of St. Peter Parish, Tungkong Mangga under Rev. Manicad as the Parish Priest. On July 3,Rev. Ladra was appointed parish priest. On Januarysome parish leaders and staff together with Fr.

Mar prepared documents for the change of status of the parish from a quasi— parish to a full-fledged parish. Ladra was likewise installed as its First Parish Priest.

Inaugurated on February 11,owner Anita Guidote-Guanzon decided to build the Grotto for she was cured of cancer upon her return from a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, in