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6 Apr To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ramones' toweringly influential self-titled debut, we've compiled a list of the 40 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time. Dead Kennedys' debut LP is the ultimate hardcore comedy album, with singer Jello Biafra playing Johnny Rotten as goofball satirist on songs like. Based on over votes from visitors like you. Place your vote on the list of Greatest Punk Songs of All Time. 29 Nov Pop-punk is back (for now). Here are 10 of the best songs that totally forgot you through high school that you'd forgotten all about until now.

I don't know how people think when they vote here, but I think this list is wrong because people forget about the early punk rock bands.

Anarchy In The U. K - Sex Pistols 2. Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols 3. White Riot - The Clash 4. Holiday In Cambodia - Dead Kennedys 5. American Idiot - Green Day 6. Complete Control - The Clash 7. Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones London Calling go here The Clash. I have been thinking for several minutes, how ever I think that this song must be at the top of the chart.

Longview it's a Top 10 Punk Songs Of All Time song and I love it, and blitzkrieg bop it better than it also, but it's not my ramones favourite song.

This is my point, this song shows what punk is about, the voice of Johnny, the guitar of Steve, the personality of Sid and the drums of Paul. I think this is a powerful song, it's amazing, It's what punk is about: Should be way higher up on the list, but half the songs here aren't even punk. Only London calling can compete, not that phoney ramones stuff. This is the catchiest and most well written Punk song of all time.

London Calling is the only punk song on par with it too. Ramones really knew how to rock the punk scene and this is their crown achievement.

Nearly 40 years later, it's still a classic. See, for example, 5 Seconds of Summer. Anarchy in the U. Whereas many punk bands increasingly relied on speed, Click Joke had — and still have — a darker, more stomping, tribal sound, bleak and apocalyptic, perfect for an era in which nuclear war was a frighteningly real threat.

Basket Case - Green Day 2. Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones 3. Longview - Green Day 4. Green Day wrote the best punk song ever? Listen to real punk like the Ramones first album or The Clash's first album.

500 Greatest Punk Rock Songs of All Time

It hurts me when bands like Green ay have three songs on the top 10 punk songs. Sure they are good but punk? These are the same people who call 5 Seconds of Summer punk.

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Ramones, Clash, Bad Religion, Rancid this is where punk is at. First, I don't know how Yellowcard or Good Charlette made it on the list. This is often put in the top twenty greatest songs of all time, it started riots in London and was banned on many radio station. I listened to London Calling and I listened to Longview.

And honestly don't you guys lie to yourself when you say London Calling is more punk rock than Longview? Or the same thing with Basket Case and American Idiot. To be honest I thinks its disrespectful to include Green Day in the same sentence as these 2 great bands. I shall say nothing further on the matter and please excuse me while I take a shower link wash of the dirtiness of mentioning them in the same sentence.

Great pure punk song When I think about it It's really hard to list all the great punk songs in order, there's so many But I don't think I agree with this list. It's a damn shame all these green day fangirls can't tell the difference between punk rock and POP-punk.

Blink writes about their girlfriends. The Pistols wrote about Anarchy. The song is funny true also about the queen more info being a human being hilarious amazing but also true and it comes fro the heart Top 10 Punk Songs Of All Time soul give cheer and never mind the bollocks here's the sex pistols.

There is a bunch of songs here that have ansolutley nothing to do with Punk, if you think Blink is a great punk band then I'd hate to break your capitalist heart. Punk isn't a style but it is the realizatoon of the problem in the political system.

A real punk band is put there for the music and the revolition, not the fame. I hardly see Pop punk, a genre made with the fusion of soft pointless songs and an actual music movement as part of this list. Stop callinv yourself punk if you like songs like Still Standing. I love this song so much! I seem to constantly have it in my head because it's so catchy!

Click me, this is the Green Day song that best represents punk rock. A total must - hear V 1 Comment. From Conflict to The Stooges, check out this essential punk playlist. Indeed, there is an entire sub-genre of punk known as UK82 from the Exploited song of the same nameand it's not until that we reach 'the year that punk broke'.

I do just generally love Green Day but this is one of my favorites by them! It's a kick in the ass for anyone who listens to the songs on this list that sound the same. This is one of the best songs ever.

It remains one of my favourites, even in view of more popular Green Day songs. May this be a long standing top ten punk song. This is one of Green Days standout link. My favorite song it's so relate able and actually shows that Green Day is one of the best songwriting bands ever. Best bass line, tight drums and bass are a must in a successful band, excellent singing by Billie Joe, all around great punk song.

I like some of the other songs higher on the list, but the Dead Kennedys are actually Punk Rock, albums are not made for money, but to say F YOU everyone. Sorry guys, but Green Day and Blink aren't punk at all compared to stuff like this, although they are good.

Top 10 Punk Songs Of All Time

This needs to be higher. Lyrically, this song is awesome. Musically, this song is awesome. If any boring by Green Day is higher then the gods that are the Dead Kennedys, I wonder what the fate of humanity could possibly be: This has to be the ultimate punk record.

Top 10 Punk Songs Of All Time

It is Punk music, in Top 10 Punk Songs Of All Time possible. Group artists with real punk attitude. Lyrics which capture the punk spirit. Music with the same intensity and menace that goes with the Lyrics.

Even the super punk groups the likes Top 10 Punk Songs Of All Time Sex Pistols, the clash, the undertones, article source buzzcocks pale into insignificance when measured against this track. Only Stiff Little Fingers come close. There is way to much green day and blink on this list, it's to bad that people are only know the "punk" that MTV shoves in their face and doesn't know anything about black flag, the dead kennedys, misfits, and the clash.

Before punk became just another cheap product for the consumers head. I listen to this song almost every day, just because I love it so much! For me, this is the Green Day song that best represents punk rock.

There is no amount of GD hate rated that one man can drink to make them hate this songs. It's simply too catchy and yes I admit GD became more pop-punk and alt-rock after the 90s but that stuff is good anyways but Dookie was the most punkish you can get. Easily my favorite punk song of all time. No list is complete without it! This song is up there with the best for real it doesn't matter who you are or what music your into if your having an off day listen to this and you will feel amazing same goes for the rest of the album especially jesus of suburbia.

One of the Ramones greatest songs. My name is Shawn so I sing, "Shawnie is a punk rocker now! THE best punk song of all time. No room for debate and there is no need to even think about this one.

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The best punk song. Although it will never get the recognition it deserves, the clash made a masterpiece when writing this song. Just listened to this for the first time based on the comments. It's actually a punk song, and a great one at that.

Oh, and Green Day isn't punk, its pop rock and sucks. One of my favourite songs of all time!

Easily worthy to be on this list. To bad these pop-punk fangirls don't know anything about real punk. This song is far better than anything Green Day or Blink ever did. The Dead Kennedys unapologetically told it like it is on issues that matter. Blink whines about how much they miss their girlfriends. Bands like Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys sang about important subjects, whereas Blink and similar pop bands think whining about a broken heart is punk!

Punk is contention against apathy and animosities of the government and people in general. Pistols and Kennedys I think best express this. Shame this is not on top tens, it article source is the best of all this songs, you could listen to this all day and don't get tired of it.