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Imagine a near future, when nanotechnology allows doctors to install speakerphones on the inside of everyone's ears, a microphone in their throat, and scanners artist, belly-dancing Gypsy fortune teller Vampire Elvirus, and a SuperUser's abandoned, beautiful, Wiccan, earth-mother, equestrian daughter named Louise. A Continuity Nod is a reference to some aspect in a series' past or an occurrence within the universe. If characters reference something outside the universe itself but has special meaning some other way (such as an Alternate Continuity or adaptation), it's a Mythology Gag. They use Echelon, Tempest, microchips, implants, see through wall radar, obtain informants, neighbors, and co-conspirators to harass, discredit, and harm an individual. Victims .. They stress some individuals may be more susceptible to committing murders and assaults due to their inherited genetic wiring. This theory .

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Where does it seem to be coming from? Leo Snart is in confirmed to be in a committed relationship with The Ray. As medicine and technology develop ever more advanced prosthetic devices, people will increasingly become cyborgs — as is already happening.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Look forward to jokes so inaccessible even here, the authors, don't get them. At the end of the Blake's 7 full-cast audio "Warship", as Blake's life capsule drifts away from the Liberator he laughs and murmurs, like he did in another Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology episode many years ago"Oh no Too many to count in The Sandmanbut the most memorable is the "Endless Nights" story, "The Heart of A Star" — Superman's ultimate origin is revealed to be a conversation between Krypton's sun and the first personification of Despair on the nature of beauty.

Which is a brilliant Genius Bonus by Gaiman. The idea is that Superman only survived so he could feel the despair of being the last Kryptonian - but of course, Despair always fails. This story also features a character called Killalla of the Glow, who is implied to be one of the first aliens to master the energy later marshaled by the Green Lantern Corps.

Heck, she's as-good-as-stated to be one of the Guardians, before the female Oans went their separate way. It's never directly stated, but there are enough hints to figure out that Matthew the raven was Matthew Cablefrom Alan Moore 's series Swamp Thingbefore he died.

Gaiman owes a lot to Moore in getting his career started; there are several nods in Sandman to Moore's work in the DCU. A throwaway line in Paul Cornell 's Captain Britain refers to Merlin as one of the Higher Evolutionaries, acknowledging the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip's presence in the Marvel Universe for the first time since Alan Moore was writing both characters.

In one issue of Excalibur Kitty and Rachel are being accosted by Daleks while queuing at a bureaucratic office Plus, Merlin's appearance in Cornell's series looks to be a Call-Back to the way he looked in the DWM strip. Writers and artists often use scenes set in the Batcave's trophy room to give a Continuity Nod to previous Batman stories. The fact that nearly all of those that we see decorating her room had some importance in previous ElfQuest stories is a Continuity Nod.

Sometimes panels from earlier comics get "paraphrased", using the same composition and if possible characters; for example one in ''Kings of the Broken Wheel'' 3 is modeled after one in the very first ElfQuest story ever.

In a montage of the Wolfriders' dens in Wild HuntTyleet's can be identified by the ornament that her long-dead adoptive son used to wear as a headband.

In Asterix in Britainyou can see a few souvenirs referring to previous adventures on a shelf in Asterix and Obelix's house including a model sphinx from Asterix and Cleopatra and a Visigoth helmet from Asterix and the Goths. Occurs regularly in Astro Cityas befitting a series with a single writer. Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology briefly mutters "3. This refers to a single panel from the earlier "Confession" story arc, where Jack-In-The-Box just click for source capture from a missile-firing helicopter.

Kurt Busiek loves to put Continuity Nods in all of his works, helped by his encyclopedic knowledge of comic book history. A subtle one from The Amazing Spider-Man vol.

Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology

Peter Parker, currently working as a teacher at his old high school, talking to the school secretary or administrator? Looking Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology as always. Oh Peter, you lie beautifully darling, have ever since the ninth grade, so don't stop. Ninth grade was when Peter was about 15, i. In early Dilbert strips, the now infamous Pointy-Haired Boss did not have pointy hair at all, but rather just an ordinary, receding hairline of black curly hair.

A strip depicting the slow decline of Dilbert's health benefits, via a series of flashbacks, depicts the boss with his old, unpointy hair. In one Garfield strip fromJon buys a frog he names Herbie, Garfield soon becomes jealous and eats him when Jon leaves the room, much later in a Halloween strip from a group of ghosts of animals he had previously eaten come to haunt him, one of them is Herbie. Sometimes, Garfield can't sleep. He thinks it was November 8, That day's strip features Garfield being unable to sleep because of the night noises.

In Batman Revisitedthe bomb that almost kills Batman and the Question in One Big Joke is from Kahndaq Cenotaph features a great many of these, mostly as nods to how Taylor's anti-heroism evolved in the origional timeline.

Occasionaly this leads to Lampshade Hanging. Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: When Asuka is testing her powersshe comes across the scrapped wreck of the rail-mounted mortar that Click here destroyed during his rampage.

Some were implanted externally with it and some internally inside the ear canal. Sara just glares at him disapprovingly. From a military perspective the IS have made substantial headway with implant technology.

Her surprise when she's able to lift it up is palpable. What About Witch Queen? When Hans is escaping Koenigsberg castle, he muses that he used to climb around it as a child and that the skill helped him when wooing Anna during Love is an Open Door. Kai and king Charles remark on different occasions that Elsa organizes weekly ice rinks in the castle courtyard, like she did in the end of the film.

When Anna and Hans meet againHans admits that the past events might affect Anna's opinion about him. Don't Keep Your Distance invokes a lot of this by being a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic based primarily on the Sonic X universe, but in a largely original world also including characters Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology locations exclusive to the games.

There read more even references to Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie Tails' daughter's fear of thunder and the Archie comics e.

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Big Damn Hero is littered with them, from mentioning who received their tanabata wishes first to Koizumi giving an explanation to Haruhi over a cup of coffee, to a reference to the source material's Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology CD, where Haruhi wrote a literal Ear Worm and Hare Hare Yukai.

Companya Fan Webcomic set in the Haloverseincludes several: When finding the crashed Covenant ship, John identifies it as a Seraph-class starfighter. John directly cites The Captain as having directly violated Article II, subsection 7 of the Cole Protocol, which directly forbids the retrieval of Covenant artifacts and technology until the available party is certain that the item is cannot be tracked.

The armor the kids get at the end looks very similar to the Marine uniforms from Combat Evolved. The Robotech fanfics Scoop and Valkyrie Nights contain scenes from the canon material, and the dialogue from those scenes were transcribed word-for-word. They also double as Foreshadowing in that they hint at a wider universe. One example, in chapter 77, has Loki dazedly remark that he's glad that the Hulk's Metronomic Man Mashing trick is being directed at someone else for see more. The Forever Knight virtual continuation FK4 has a bunch of references to small details in the show which came up once and were never mentioned again.

For example, Natalie's cat and Tracy's knowledge of tattoos. The Tainted Grimoire has one where the Camoan native who cheered Luso and Cheney up in Chapter 63 turned out to be the father of the girl whom Luso, Cheney and Hurdy helped all the way back in Chapter 8.

Whenever a new invention is introduced in Calvin and Hobbes: The SeriesHobbes will usually reference Calvin's previous inventions and the hijinks that ensued. In "Thunderstorm", Calvin mentions Brainstorm's earlier plot to steal the world's electricity. Thunderstorm himself references Jack's left arm being loose, which infuriates Brainstorm: Anyway, think of it as something to do when Jazz Velasquez kicks you Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology on Friday nights.

How do you— Thrass: Revenge of the Sith: If the first trailer for Blair Witch is any indicator, Heather Donahue's brother ends up apologizing like she did in one of The Blair Witch Project 's most iconic scenes. Occurs on a comedy album, of all things. And again in the interlude Normal Guy. The video for Motherlover opens with them coming out of jail and dropping some boxes in the trash.

Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology

Towards the end, Justin says, "This is the second-best idea that we've ever had! One is a boiled goose, a reference to Boombox. Meat Loaf has the song "Blind as a Bat", with a title blatantly designed to remind of his great hit "Bat Out of Hell", even though the songs have nothing really to do with one another.

One might argue that this applies to the entire Bat Out of Hell "trilogy" Mustard"'s sister is named Pam.

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The followup song on Abbey Road is "Polythene Pam". The name originally read "Shirley", but John Lennon changed it to "Pam" to invoke this trope.

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The lyrics of the Megadeth song "Victory" consist of previous Megadeth song titles written in a Previously On form. They nodded to "Sweating Bullets" and its video with "Mastermind" "slightly schizophrenic - me and me and me agree"and also with "Dread And The Fugitive Mind" which is a similar song about the same thing.

Axel Rudi Pell uses this trope very frequently. The title track of Mystica refers directly to previous songs and albums by title, such as Kings and QueensOceans of Timeand "Edge of the World", among many others. Kelly had a Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology featuring the Isley Brothers about a man cheating with "Mr. Inthe Isley Brothers had a song featuring R Kelly concerning the same issue and the same characters. Or as Mr Biggs puts it, "Don't I know you from somewhere a long time ago?

The Thompson Twins' "Love on Your Side" has the line "I've played you all my favorite records" followed by a short recap of the melody line from an earlier single of the band's "In the Name of Love" They felt it was the only one they could legally use. Queen have a b-side called 'Soul Brother' that's pretty much entirely continuity nods; "He's my best friend, he's my champion, and he will rock you, rock you, rock you" Even classical music features the occasional Continuity Nod by composers to earlier works.

Just to name a few examples: Robert Schumann 's early piano suite Carnaval features, in the movement entitled "Florestan", a quote from his suite Papillonswritten two or three years earlier. The autograph manuscript and most published editions lampshades this by inserting the word " Papillon? Dmitri Shostakovich 's String Quartet No. The String Quartet No. The Russian Romantic composer Anton Rubinstein wrote three sonatas for violin and piano.

The third sonata, written more than twenty years after the other sonatas, begins by alternating sustained notes in the piano with the opening phrases of the first and second sonatas in the violin before here on to new material.

In the aptly-titled "Four Last Songs", Richard Strauss included a musical quotation of his work Death and Transfigurationwhich he had composed sixty years continue reading. Sergei Rachmaninoff Dads Hookup Daughters Applications Of Nanotechnology twenty-four preludes in his lifetime, one for each of the major and minor keys.

The last to be written, Op. In his piece, Shepherd's Hey, Percy Grainger briefly features the 7-note melody of arguably his most popular piece, Country Gardens. Gilbert and Sullivan indulged in this on a few occasions.