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19 Oct About Scorpio man after break up, he can become cold-hearted, sensitive, or even vengeful; it depends on each Scorpio's characteristic traits. Get more info here!. I think if he is the one who broke up with you then he will never come back. You do sound like you were being immature but so does he. Leading you on, being hot/cold/ probably not able to deal with his emotions. If you are trying to win him back,,,dont. This will scare a scorpio away because it will feel. Will Scorpio treat you with the same kind of nurturing kindness-probably not. You must have hurt Scorpio to the point of him not coming back. Once you hurt us Scorpio we will never forgive, let alone forget. And if Scorpio want's back in your like, it will be only to hurt you ten fold for what ever you did to him. It takes a lot for .

Scorpio men are known to be mysterious and passionate by nature. They are very demanding in relationships and have high expectations from their partner. Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back committed to these men in a long term relationship can be a special experience. But what if the bonding turns out to be a weak one? Do scorpio men come back to their women after breaking with them once?

Read article article tries to seek answer to this query. Scorpio is a water sign. Men belonging to this zodiac sign crave for emotional intimacy. They have very deep sense of romance. These are the influences of the element water on them. The quality of scorpio sign is fixed. This makes the men rigid in their opinions and beliefs. Moreover, scorpio men are law unto themselves. It is futile for others to convince these men on issues where they hold their own.

Relationships are very sensitive topics for these men and they cannot compromise in this aspect of life at all. Scorpio men have total ego. They cannot settle for less. The very thought of break-up is hateful to them. When such an unfortunate event becomes a reality, these men struggle hard to forgive the partner. Forgetting is not there in the genes of these individuals. If ever the unfortunate partner realises the true worth of a scorpio man and returns on time, there are very less but definite chances of the relationship surviving the crisis.

But once the scorpio men make up their mind to move on, there is absolutely nothing on this earth which can pursue these men to make a come back.

If finding a scorpio man as life partner is a special gift from life to a woman, losing him is equally unfortunate one. So the answer to the question, do Scorpio men come back is a big NO. We broke up and then 6 months later we reconciled; still not moved in together but spend almost every day together, so I wonder what to Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back in future.?

There should be something very special about you madam. And definitely you are lucky to get your Scorpio back in life.

Just treasure him from now onwards. Sonali said on February 9, Hard to belive, but it i one of the bitter truth, n we all forced to face it, just because these egostic, insensitive men wants to show the world, that they r the God, n they can do whatever they like, by using their mind, charm, tact…everything possible to reestablish their damn ego.

They simply n completely forget, those person who check this out by them during all the bad times, n jump for What Next!!! Higehly Insensitive creatures who are solely, evn more focused, are sincere about themselves, n their happiness only. Major quality of their personality is, they are born hypocrites, they r free to do pluck the apple, but if u do, then?

Its simple, ur both will surely be hanged on the tree. Scorpio MAN said on March 12, We are highly dominate, filled with confidence, know what we are worth and are totally self assured.

We do have secrets, and if we take you serious you will learn them in time. If you lack patience, discretion, and maturity that does not make you secure. Scorpios are probably the most secure of all, you just misunderstand us or the definition of the word.


When we first meet you, we may test you to get to know you. If we see something fatally wrong with you but still like you, we may push you to prove to us that we read you wrong. These actions may come off as controlling, insincere, manipulative, sneeky, and filled with lies but ultimately we are trying to either understand you or are trying to help you grow and become a better person.

You are not perfect.

Do scorpios ever come back?

We can accept plenty of imperfections, but we do have high standards. We also are extremely talented at reading people. If we see something major wrong we may try to correct it if we think you are worth it and are capable of learning. And this is why you have never been taken serious by a Scorpio MAN. We see right through your shallowness and all we see you as is sex and nothing more.

You are incapable of even scratching the surface of our good side and you will never see what we have to offer, because you are not a worthy person. You are undeserving of the depth of what we have to offer. Regarding the question of whether or not we will come back. I would say that depends. Just because you think we have made up our mind and have lost all interest Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back you does not make it so. If we took you serious in the first place, we saw something in you that we really liked.

The question then is, do you realize that you messed up? Are you as a woman capable of admitting that you were wrong? Can you assert yourself and come to us and look us in the eyes and tell us you are sorry like you really mean it. Can you tell us what you learned from the experience and Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back us the impression that you have grown?

Can you admit that we are important to you?

BUT its not a love thing Feb posted May 08, Im sorry about your situation. Please give me whatever information you can. Regardless of how sensible it seems to start dating a new guy in an effort to get your ex to come running back.

Are you capable of that level of courage, humility, and grace? If so, then you truly are worth it and and we will forgive you and love you more for it. On the other hand, if you think you can abuse us and squander all that we are offering you, and then expect us to come to you and forget that you mistreated us, that you do not have to earn it, well then you are gravely mistaken.

If you are holding your breath waiting for us to return, you better ask a friend to smack you before you turn blue. Jade said on March 20, I really am quite impressed by the responses from Scorpios, being that I am a female Scorpio. It is true with male and female Scorpios but it is possible to have the pleasure of running visit web page one Scorpio that has been hurt continuously that they may seem as though they are being harsh with they ways that they express themselves to you.

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But trust what these Scorpios are saying to you. We do test you to see if you are worth our time and trouble. Myself, I do not trust people very easy. It takes time for me to open up to someone and if you are not patient, I lose interest, not because I was never interested but b. My Scorpio man showed up at my door two weeks ago after we had been apart for 6 months.

I was shocked to say the least. I had just started to move on. He told me he had spent the last 6 months drowning himself in alcohol to forget me. He loved me and missed me with all his heart.

We are taking link very slow right now and basically starting anew.

This was the longest he had been gone. He ran like Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back scared lil boy. I also should add that there is a 16 yr age gap with us and that we were very close friends before we got involved in a relationship. At the end of the day…. I hope this time our love will perservere. Good luck to all!!!!

StronglyLovingTaurean said on June 8, I am click glad to have found this site. Sorry for the long story but I could really use some honest feedback. I am in the Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back of still loving the Scorpio man I met over 6 years ago.

He treated me like a princess, introduced me to his children with whom we shared many cherished moments together, took me house shopping, was planning to introduce me to his family, when …… the stinger came out over me being late a couple of times to meet him at the gym.

So I apologized for being late and NOT really recognizing how important this was to my Scorpio who had NEVER lashed out towards me, fell back into my pattern of sometimes being late he saw it as not respecting or putting value on his time — rightfully so when I look back now even though I had every excuse under the sun. I think I may have also been testing Him to see how he would react i I did something out of the norm.

Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back

I have a strng desire to discuss issues and then come up with a mutual resolution, so this was foreign to me. After a night of icy silence, the mighty Scorpion, stood at the edge of cliff prepared to sting himself and me to death if I stomped, asking me the veiled question….

With that, the Scorpion male left and she wept, thinking he no longer wanted her. Boy, did I miss the signs he gave me even after He left. He called me after a few minutes and told me he source only a few minutes away and had forgotten something.

Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back

After hanging up, he called me back, remembering something else he had left behind so he said he would come to the door. After a few minutes, he rings the doorbell. I stop sobbing, wipe the tears from my eyes and hand him the mentioned items, closing the door and then submitting to my devastation and fear of losing the best thing I ever had in my life, crying for what seemed a lifetime.

With that, we met where I professed my love and apology to him, promising him I would never push him away again. Shortly afterwards, I was out in public thinking about Will A Scorpio Ever Come Back of course and He walked in.

Myself, I do not trust people very easy. I went to meet him a few days ago and the first thing he said was that he's rushed into things and he doesnt think they are compatible atall. For the first time in years you feel alive. All I can do is let him know the door is still open to my life and my heart. It makes no sense to me.