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'Divergent' Star Shailene Woodley Talks On-Set Hookups and Advice from Jennifer Lawrence and George Clooney 10 Shailene Woodley Quotes That Will Convince You She Is A Child Of The Earth an amity girl ♡ Divergent Challenge Day 5 Dreamcast For Tris: Shailene Woodley she's going to be so amazing!. This is a list of major and minor characters in the Divergent book trilogy and its subsequent film adaptation, The Divergent Series. Contents. [hide]. 1 Main characters. Beatrice "Tris" Prior; Tobias "Four" Eaton; Caleb Prior; Marcus Eaton; Jeanine Matthews; Christina; Tori Wu; Eric; Peter. 25 Nov SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. YOU WERE WARNED. Sigh. You guys. It's time. I've given you a month to think about it, but it's time to finally discuss the elephant in the room. (I mean discuss it in in writing and not just during #TNBookClub where I was drinking wine & may have been more honest than I meant.

This is a list of major and minor characters in the Divergent book trilogy and its subsequent film adaptation, The Divergent Series. Beatrice "Tris" Prior is the viewpoint character in Divergent and Insurgentand shares the viewpoint character role in Allegiant with Tobias "Four" Eaton. Born in the Abnegation faction to Andrew and Natalie Prior, she describes herself as having pale blonde hair, wide gray-blue eyes, a long, thin nose and a short and skinny stature.

She bears a tattoo of three ravens on her left collarbone leading down to her heart, each one representing one of her family members; she also has a Dauntless seal on her left shoulder and an Abnegation seal on her right shoulder. In Divergentyear-old Beatrice has to take the aptitude test to determine her future faction.

Toriher test administrator, tells her that she is "Divergent", that is, learn more here has the aptitude to fit into multiple factions Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntlessbut is Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup never to tell anyone that information, not even her family members.

She befriends fellow initiates Christina and Alwho are from Candor, and Willan Erudite transfer. In the first initiation period, her performance in physical read more against top-ranked candidates such as Peter places her on the brink of being cut from the faction, but she then participates in a capture the flag event where she plays a major part in her team's victory. She has also stood up for the other initiates.

On visiting day, [a] her mother Natalie tells her to ask her brother to research the Erudite's simulation serum, and warns her about how she is being watched, revealing she was originally a Dauntless. During the second initiation period, where the candidates are placed in a virtual reality simulation to see how they deal with their greatest fears for Tris, it is being attacked by crows, drowning, being tied and burned to death, intimacy, and killing her family membersTris shows an uncanny ability to dismiss or clear the obstacles in record time.

Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup draws Four's attention as he invites her to enter his fear simulation and gives her tips as to how to give a Dauntless-expected response.

After passing initiation, she discovers that Erudite plan to attack Abnegation.

Divergent will be the Oscar winner's first foray into franchise fare; she's also set to appear in this year's Labor Daya literary adaptation helmed by Jason Reitman. In the epilogue, Matthew is revealed to be working as a psychiatrist of Chicago, in which he permanently resides. At the end of Allegiantafter Tris is mortally wounded by David, she has visions of her mother reaching her arms to her for an embrace before she dies. In Insurgentit is revealed that she and Drew tried to join the factionless division in which Edward is in, but Drew gets beat up by him.

When a mind-controlling serum does not work on her, Jeanine Matthewsthe Erudite leader orders Tris executed. Reuniting with her father, Click here and Marcusthey sneak into the Dauntless base, but her father is killed in battle.

Tris confronts a mind-controlled Four but helps him break free of the mind control, and then stop Jeanine in time to release the Dauntless. She overhears a conversation between the Amity leader, Johanna Reyes, and Marcus that Abnegation leaders died protecting a secret.

When Erudite and Dauntless traitors arrive to capture them, they escape by jumping on a train to the factionless camp where they meet Tobias's mother. During a visit to Candor, she reveals that she had killed Source. She joins Marcus Eaton in order to obtain the information stolen by Erudite from Abnegation and transfer it to every faction. When Tobias finds out about this, he is shocked and angry at her, but they later reconcile and she hopes that they will have no secrets from each other.

In AllegiantTris frees her brother, Caleb, before he is executed, although she still has not forgiven him for his betrayal. The two alongside Tobias, Christina, Peter, Tori, Uriah, and Cara, begin an expedition to the outskirts of Chicago and arrive at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, a US government-sponsored agency that is behind the faction system. Tris meets with the Bureau leader, David, who gives her Natalie's journal.

Tris becomes jealous of a Click here staff, Nita, fearing that she will attract Tobias, but joins her during her attempt to overthrow the genetically pure Bureau leaders. Nevertheless, Tris saves David when she finds out that Nita wants the death serum, not the memory serum.

Later, Tris learns that David wants to expose the memory serum on the whole population of Chicago to begin his experiment at a clean slate. She formulates a Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup with Matthew, Nita, Caleb, and Cara, to stop him. Caleb volunteers to undergo the suicidal mission to expose the memory serum on the Bureau, but Tris replaces him because he only does so out of regret, and asks him to tell Tobias her final message: During the mission, Tris manages to repel the death serum by thinking of those who had died for her, but she is shot by David just as she is able to expose the memory serum.

As she lays dying, she learns to forgive herself and others for all the things that she had done to get there and sees visions of her mother reaching out to her. In the epilogue, set two and a half years afterward, Tris is cremated with her ashes spread throughout Chicago by Tobias riding a zip line.

Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup

Insurgent[4] and The Divergent Series: Tobias "Four" Eaton is a member of Dauntless and serves as the instructor to the initiates transferring into Dauntless. His mother supposedly died and left him with his abusive father. During his Choosing Ceremony, he chooses Dauntless as his faction to escape Marcus. He has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair with a scar on his chin and a few freckles on his nose.

He has tattooed the symbol of each faction on his spine, starting from Dauntless at the top, then Abnegation, Candor, Erudite and Amity. He gets the nickname "Four" from his instructor Amar due to having only four fears: A Divergent Story Collectiona short story collection in which he is the narrator tells the year-old Tobias Eaton as he decides to escape from the abusive home with Marcus in Abnegation and joins the Dauntless faction.

In Divergenthe is eighteen years old. He is the instructor for the transfer initiates and develops feelings for Tris. He leaves the room when during the training Tris gets beaten by Peter and later says it is "not something I wanted to see," suggesting his feelings for Tris and not wanting to see her hurt. During the knife throwing training, when Tris took Al's place to stand in front of a Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup, he nicks her ear to show Eric that he does not care about her as if Eric finds out about his feelings toward Tris, it will lead Eric to hurt her.

This is because he is jealous of Four since their previous leader Max wanted Four to take his place as a Dauntless leader instead Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup Eric, and Four placed higher in initiation. He has always been better. Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scenethe retelling of chapter thirteen of Divergent from Four's perspective, it is revealed that he was going to leave Dauntless and become factionless but after meeting Tris, who like him came from Abnegation, decided to stay for her.

During simulation visit web page, he finds out that Tris is Divergent like him; he tells her to be careful about it and deletes the footage of the incident. He also finds out that Erudite are planning to use Dauntless to attack on Abnegation.

The serum through which Erudite control Dauntless does not work on Tris and Four as they both are Divergent. They try to escape but caught out and brought in front of Jeanine Matthews, the leader of Erudite. She injects Four with the serum which works on Divergent and sends him to oversee the attack in control room.

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When Tris comes back and tries to stop him, he attacks her under the influence of serum but she does not want to hurt him at all which cause him to break his simulation and he along with Tris stop the Erudite simulation and free other Dauntless. In InsurgentDauntless and Erudite traitors recognize him at Amity headquarters. During the fight he, Tris, Caleb and Susan manage to escape through boarding a train, which is full of factionless including former Dauntless Edward, who leads them to the factionless leader who is also Four's mother Evelyn.

She wants Four to convince other Dauntless to join the factionless.

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He and Tris head towards Candor. When they reach Candor, they are subjected to truth serum, during which Four reveals that he joined Dauntless to escape his abusive father. He also finds out that Tris shot Will while he was under the influence of the serum, which makes him angry because she did not reveal that information to him.

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Eric, along with other Dauntless traitors, attacks Candor but gets caught. Four, along with others, secretly observes a meeting between Candor representative Jack and Erudite representative Max, who wants Eric back but the meeting becomes unsuccessful as Max gets killed. During the secret meeting of Dauntless, Four, Tori and Harrison are selected as new leaders.

They sentence Eric to death and Four executes article source. He also makes an agreement with the factionless to destroy Erudite and establish a new government. Later they find out about a simulation that will kill Dauntless members until a Divergent is given to Erudite.

After the attack at Erudite headquarters, Lynn gets shot in the stomach and before dying reveals to Uriah and Tris that she was in love with Marlene. When Tobias finds out about this, he is shocked and angry at her, but they later reconcile and she hopes that they will have no secrets from each other. He dies towards the end of the book and his family mother and his brother are with him as he gets unplugged.

Learn more here a result, Tris decides to sacrifice herself but he begs her not to. She agrees, but leaves for Erudite as he sleeps. He also surrenders himself to Erudite and later he and Tris escape the Erudite headquarters with the help of Peter. They arrive at Abnegation sector to meet the Dauntless and the factionless.

He and Tris also admit their love to each other. He was deeply shocked and hurt when he finds out that Tris aligned Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup his father Marcus, but they later reconcile. In Allegiantin which he serves as a co-viewpoint character, he alongside Tris, Caleb, Christina, Peter, Tori, Uriah, and Cara, takes part to escape from Chicago to find out about their surroundings and arrives at the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, where he is reunited with his long-thought-to-be-dead mentor, Amar.

He is informed that he is not actually a Divergent like he thought, which greatly hurts him as he is proud of that status. He becomes close to Nita, which briefly causes Tris' jealousy, and is convinced to take part in her rebellion against the genetically pure leaders of the Bureau. Four is indirectly responsible for the explosion that causes Uriah's brain damage and eventual death, which he feels a deep guilt with that he never lets go for the rest of his life. After the rebellion, Four joins the team that consists of Christina, Peter, and Amar, to return to Chicago and prevent the war between the factionless and the Allegiant.

During the war, he offers Evelyn a memory serum so she can be born anew and become his mother again. Evelyn embraces him yet does not drink the serum before announcing her intention to end the war. Four also gives Peter a memory serum, as per his Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup to be reborn anew. When Four returns to the Bureau in triumph, he is informed by Cara that Tris has died during her attempt to expose the leaders with the memory serum.

Angered, he blames Caleb, who delivers Tris' final words to him, and almost strangles the now-blank David. He undergoes a deep depression and almost injects himself with a memory serum, but is convinced otherwise by Christina, who states that he should not forget his memories with Tris. The two become best friends over their losses.

In the epilogue set two and a half years afterward, Four becomes an assistant council member of the new Learn more here and moves to a new apartment as further away from his former home. He reunites with his mother, who has returned from her two years of self-exile. To celebrate Choosing Day, Four scatters Tris' ashes while riding a zipline with his friends, having come to accept her sacrifice and death.

Insurgent[7] and The Divergent Series: Caleb Prior is a member of Erudite faction. He was born in Abnegation to Andrew and Natalie Prior. He is the older brother of Beatrice "Tris" Prior. He is described as having green eyes with hooked nose, dark hair and dimpled cheeks. He, like his sister, chooses a faction different from Abnegation, [8] spreading rumors fueled by Erudite that their parents had abused them to the point that both choose to transfer.

In Divergentduring the choosing ceremony, Caleb chooses Erudite and fits well with other Erudite initiates. At the advice of their mother, Tris goes to the Erudite compound to meet and talk to Caleb about the simulation serum but he defends his faction. He also feels disappointed by knowing that Natalie went to visit Tris and not him.

He is also shocked when he finds out that members of Abnegation are banned in the Erudite compound. Later, Caleb leaves Erudite after learning about their plan to use Dauntless to attack Abnegation.

Are The Main Characters In Divergent Hookup

He joins the surviving Abnegation members along with his father and goes to Dauntless with him and Tris. After Tris and Four shut down the simulation of Erudite, he escapes with them on the train towards Amity.