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The Pros And Cons Of Sleeping With A Married Man

31 Oct In fact, one sizable study found 90 percent of single women were interested in a man who they believed was taken, while a mere 59 percent wanted him when told he was single. Take Lisa, a young, attractive, smart, successful woman from a major metropolitan area. She professed to want marriage and. 5 Apr In cases like this, the women are usually lied to or somehow tricked by these men into thinking that they're single. When this happens, most women should get a pass. It's not really their fault. But the day they DO find out that these guys are married, and yet STILL continue to choose to hook up with them is. 4 Jun I don't really feel any guilt if I hook up with a married guy, especially if he mislead or omitted that info on the outset since he clearly has issues he needs to work out . I'm not . I hate to ruin all your fantasies, but if a man is voluntarily having sex with you, and you're not paying him, he AIN'T straight. June 4.

Maybe lying through your teeth? It usually comes out after the deed is done. As a rule — I would never go out of my way to seek married guys, but I figured out the married ones are almost always out-of-towners looking for some D.

I Hate Hookup A Married Man we always play safe so the risk of any potential STD transmission is substantially reduced.

So, gay bros, what do you think? Is hooking up with a married straight guy too toxic to touch? Or an opportunity to be savored and exploited? In the words of the original poster: I feel bad especially for his daughter. Of course it was just sex and nothing else. But it was fun.

I understand that another queertier, Bottom, routinely hooks up with married guys. Bottom, please tell us about your experiences.

I Hate Hookup A Married Man

I have and will. Leave the rest of your life outside of my door. I have no interest in your wife or kids. I treat them the way they treat me. I write the rules with married men. Always get a good laugh out of the delusional queens that truly believe their married guy in shining armor is going to leave his socially acceptable wife and life for the homo jump off.

Anyone remember Betty Broderick? They are responsible for upholding their rules and regulations within that contract, not me. You might want to go have your ego shrunk by your nearest Freudian psychoanalyst. That married see more guy will cheat with you, and with another, and with another.

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Point being, his marriage his not my responsibility. Sorry, but I am not going to participate in their self-delusion that they are straight while regularly having, enjoying, and almost preferring homosexual sex.

If they are doing the deed with another man, they source attracted to it just like any other gay or bisexual man. Anyway, we finish and while I Hate Hookup A Married Man there, he pulls out his wallet the ancient past before smartphones and starts showing me pictures of his wife and kids. I was speechless and not quite sure what kind of reaction he was expecting other than disgust. He wanted to see me again, but I declined and told him I just wanted a one night stand.

Had sex with a married man, with two teen kids, his wife liked to watch and sometimes join in. No the fantasy of him being str8 is his. He can say he is str8 all he wants. I will let him continue to live in his fantasy. Means nothing to me. Been there…done that…for about 3 years I was tapping a married Protestant minister in Boston, eager fluffer, avid bottom.

I have to agree with this. There are, much to my annoyance, many gay men who are not interested in having sex with me. There are also, I Hate Hookup A Married Man much as it astounds me, straight men who will have sex with me.

Thus, I focus not on my partners inward sexuality, but on his outward interest in me.

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I hardly care if he is gay, but only wants to have sex with that guy over there. And now that I have met the love of my life, its just me and him anyway as that is how we have personally chosen to live our lives. If he were a single straight-identifying guy, I would hook up with him in a New York minute…provided he had the face of Adonis more info the gluteals of Hercules.

I would if he was a Tom Hardy look alike! Just him and his buddy me! Only straight men have true masculinity, unlike the gay crowd made up of various freak subcultures — Bears, Fems, Fatties etc.

I agree with you. Straight-identifying men are so much more normal than gay-identifying men. Gay-identifiers, on the other hand, base their lives on the gay word. Their lives reflect this very narrow base.

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They are the dullest people around when they are not in heat. I just ran across this article. You are so right. During my rambunctious years, hooking up with a man married to a woman was too much risky business for me.

But I get it. The internalized homophobia is strong with heavylifter and Brian. Please, continue deluding yourselves into thinking that the only masculine men are repressed closet cases.

You get that for most of these men, masculinity is performed, right? Like the rest of their lives?

I write the rules with married men. Good luck with that. But in the rare case that a husband poached by these roving gangs of single women with low-self esteem, one might have to look at the reasons on why the occasional mate-poaching happens in the first place:.

Take your self-loathing elsewhere. Oh please, gay men I Hate Hookup A Married Man spell the word monogamous! Heavylifter and Brian are clearly the same person. Nobody has the right to impose a choice of identity on them. I get so annoyed with gay-identifying guys who go around telling everybody how pro-choice they are on the issue of abortion no doubt to suck up to the feminists but then deny the choice of identity to men who wish to identify as straight.

What would you know about masculinity? You are not masculine, you have never had sex with a masculine man. Only individuals as unfamiliar with any kind of sexual experience with a man as a dried up old mannish lesbian like Judith Butler would fall for her fable. Yes boys it is possible to be gay and homophobic, here is your proof.

That statement makes absolutely no sense at all. What I know is that your stench of self-loathing is filling up the room. Which Donald Trump rally did you stay from? And whoever said Brian and heavylifter are the same person, you nailed it. So by your logic, I can eat my weight in pork nachos I Hate Hookup A Married Man call myself kosher or screw ten dudes in a row and call myself a virgin. As is the case when answering all of these hypothetical questions that this web site likes to pose: Sweethearts I have many times.

I satisfy his cravings and then he goes back to his wife and kids to be the amazing husband and father he check this out because I have pleased him like his wife does not. I think the key word in this topic is married. Screwing married men is an asshole move regardless of how they identify.

Screwing someone because they identify as this, that or the other thing is like screwing someone because they have a really nice watch. He has a great body and we flirt a lot; when we get together for beers there are a lot of hugs and he lefts me kiss him on I Hate Hookup A Married Man cheek but not the lips.

He is proud of his body and lets me feel his big chest and his iron stomach. I think if I played my cards right I could get him into bed and give him the best BJ of his life, but I worry about ruining our friendship. I want to be a good person but damn, this guy is so hot! I know it is pointless to be a keyboard warrior and arguee with people who hide on the internet, but some of the stuff written is senial. I think the only thing you lift Heavylifter is you bullshit.

I have other gay friends who are the same. You and Brian genetalize some much, what do you know about gay people? There is a lot more to gay culture than that. If you really studied the issue, most straight men could learn what it is to be a man from gay men who have had to aganoize, think about and unfold the intricacies of being a man, being true to themselves and being okay with any traits our society deems feminine.

Since you clearly have a problem with females, I can see how you would never want to be associated with that. Love your internalized homophobia. You are one miserable pathetic man. Oh and your bullshit reeks. You have been brainwashed by the Republican party because you ate utterly incapable of thinking independently. You are beyond help and you are one sick fool.

And Scottsdale is right.

When I found out I was devastated that he was not even the person I thought he was! Compare yourself to Mindy Mann, and you might feel better. You use the word "responsibility. This went on for weeks.

What the hell do you or Brian know about gay people? Is that the only cheapshot you have? You are completely egotistical, hateful and repugnant. Oh and feminine gay men are more brave and courageous than either of you cowards.

I Hate Hookup A Married Man