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Fresh Out Of Prison And Already Murdering

2 Years In Prison - A Man's Story

One in every 34 adults in the United States has been incarcerated, is currently incarcerated or is under supervision of some kind by the Department of Corrections, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Therefore, if you are dating there is a possibility you will run across a man with a record or one that has been. 2 Dec Fresh Out co-creator Big Herc talks about how his YouTube series came to be and what people on the outside can learn from people on the inside. My goal was to create a show that showed the lives of these guys who have been released from prison, what they do through, and the trials and tribulations. On the flip side, it meant the boss' gave it a lot of extra attention, which was bad for rubbing one out or taking a hit. Two guys were loitering around the pillar one day, waiting for this fresh kid to wander past. Prison gossip said he's been worked over on his first night by someone who wanted him for a wife.

So when I stumbled across the Fresh Out series on Youtubeit really resonated with me because it hit very close to home.

Relationships in Prison - Is it possible? - Prison Talk 1.13 - 100 Free Sex Hookup!

I caught up with series co-creator Big Herc to talk about how Fresh Out came to be, his goals for the series, and what civilians can learn from convicts. How did Fresh Out come to be? I decided to do Fresh Out when I was still locked up.

My goal was to create a show that showed the lives of these guys who have been released from prison, what they do through, and the trials and tribulations of having done time and now being labeled as a felon. Then I hooked up with my business article source and found a guy who shot what we have online now.

We wanted to have a realistic prison show that was less based on people inside. Like on Lockup, you have guys in their cell, saying a bunch of things to the camera, but that might not really be who they are. The true test is, when they get out of prison, can they make it? Can they provide for their family and themselves?

Also, I was introduced to an active church group [that] works with ex-offenders and helps them with their immediate and future needs. The coercion-type abuses continue because of their covert nature. I fall into a depression and an anger and a rage and I begin to drink. By "big guys" I guess I mean all the mass murders and fuck off huge buff guys who'd be pretty hard to bring down. Undiagnosed mental health issues are a common problem in the prison population.

The networks were a little intimidated by that, so I think our best option is just to keep providing content and educating the public on felons and people who have been incarcerated.

To me, Lockup glamorizes prison way more, at least to someone who wants to be a thug. Fresh Out is about hard work and self-improvement. These guys wanna go home.

Hookup A Man Fresh Out Of Prison

The state is a little bit different as far as the mentality of the inmates. These are guys who did rape, child molestation, assault and battery, snatching bags, convenience store robberies, and a lot of it is for drugs, guys trying to support an addiction.

Not everyone who gets out of the state penitentiary is a piece of shit, but a lot of those guys are different. Can you go into more detail about that?

And each time the task became more and more and more daunting. How fucking weird is that? But inside, I would have given anything to know just one of them loved me - and when I say love, I don't mean like, I'd want to marry them, or that kind of passionate, movie love. You just have to trust yourself enough to be able to discern who those here are.

The guys in the feds, you might have someone from Wall Street who was a hedge fund manager and maybe did a bad deal or got caught up in some taxes, or maybe laundered money for the cartel through his jewelry business.

And maybe bank robbers.

Dating a Man Who Just Got out of Prison

But other than that, you have a lot of big-time connected dudes. I was in a stock class in there where the guy was teaching Japanese candlesticksanother guy was teaching real estate, guys in there who had car lots, a lot of powerful people who were about money.

I can go in there and talk to a white guy, go into his class and get educated, or hang out with an Asian guy who might educate me on a foreign language.

Just not gonna happen. How do you show that on Fresh Out?

Hookup A Man Fresh Out Of Prison

I look at everything now as energy. You really have to watch the choices that you make.

Former inmates give advice to those just getting out of prison | state of opportunity

Like maybe you start a business. Second year, third year, here not seeing a lot of success. Fresh Out documents life after prison by Finn McKenty. Big HercfilmmakingFresh Outprison. Guerilla Filmmaking with Ryan Connolly. Filmmaking from the Inside-Out with Illeana Douglas. Get the latest news.