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12 Jun Aside from Gary (including him?), I mostly met good guys who acted badly. Sometimes I'd get an email from someone who was My opinion is this: If a same-sex couple is meeting for the first time, one of you should assume full financial responsibility. In similar hetero situations, the man should pay. “What?. HOW GOOD RICH MEN THINK. * I must be dreaming. Most wealthy men are self- made. They may have studied hard in school, took some calculated risks, worked even harder on their ventures, and struck lucky gold. They know what it's like to be middle class or lower because that's exactly where they toiled for most of their . 4 Aug We gave our best shot at answering these questions and convinced a few of our editors to review the best dating apps on the market right now. The stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and perhaps inspire your own search for love. Want to know if our editors found what they were looking for?.

I recently started a banking job in NYC and don't know anyone in the city. Where do you meet single girls? Where have you had success picking up chicks? I don't want to waste time in random bars. Actually not a bad question though. Where have you fellahs had the best luck out of curiosity? I've had the most success in bars in midtown after work, mostly on Wed and Thurs. After-work places are packed, especially during the summer, and its much easier to talk to girls than a weekend night.

Plus its mostly city chicks either out with co-workers or their girlfriends, they don't have their guard up as much.

Tinder just got a whole lot more expensive, especially if you're over 30

Hit up El Rio Grande on a Thursday evening during the summer, or any of the rooftop spots, and you'll know what I'm talking about. Of course, getting Why Hookup Finance Guys Is The Best of the office even at pm on a Thursday is hard for I-Banking guys Not saying it's something you want to do every night, but it's nice to be big time once in a while: The astronaut line is a good one, I might try that.

I've been going for Ukrainian pilot recently, hasn't been overly successful but great fun nonetheless. Agreed with AnthonyD, though I will say that the whole "I work in finance" bit resonates differently in different parts of the city. That said, this city is chock full of attractive year old women with confidence issues, primarily read more the intense competitionso like, go for the gold.

It seems like the "I'm a banker" line doesn't work too well with girls in the village. Where would I find girls that would be impressed and want to go down on me when I tell them that? Nah I meant going around saying "hey babe, what's your name? Wanna get with a banker? Cosign that astronaut idea I told this girl I was an astronaut and then we ended up going out and I never fessed up. The wedding is in two months now and she still doesnt realize I am un-employed Honestly, just be funny and have fun and you will get plenty of girls.

Shooting fish in a barrel. Find a very outgoing friend and Why Hookup Finance Guys Is The Best out with him. Whatever you do, do not roll with a shy crew. Walk up to a girl that's dancing and tell her "I wish you were my teeth, so I could grind you all night".

If you have game you can pick up a girl anywhere. If you don't, like me, you rely on friends-of-friend to introduce you to people. Imagine hearing a guy drop the astronaut line to some girl next to you at a bar. Jtree is where I dropped the astro line. True story, this really cute girl was obviously making moves on me and I started talked to her.

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She was a jr producer at Fox News. Pretty cool I thought. Then I saw that she was missing an index finger. Totally freaked me out. Made me hesitate and she eventually walked away.

Do you know who your tinder date really is? Truthfully, I have no idea why this woman dumped my buddy. I need to know how to lock down a rich woman.

Kinda sad, I have never dated someone missing a finger. I'm gonna have to steal that Astronaut line, Im kinda tired of telling chicks I masturbate race horses. Guest, you're either in high school still, or definitely have some self esteem issues. I'll go with the former. Definitely the way to go, did them all last summer, plan on doing them when I start FT in a few weeks. Makes life a lot easier when the nice guy will talk to the DUFF.

Tell them ur a doorman at a condo complex, baggage handler for SouthWest, plumber, pet groomer, janitor at a peep show It opens the convo up to a lot more humor. Instead of the same boring stale BS.

Works on the bitchy girl in the group there always is oneand if all else fails, makes fun of her when she walks away.

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When you go out, girls in New York don't give 2 shits about where you work. Even if they care about money, if you're an analyst at a BB in NYC, you're at the bottom of the totem poll.

Avoid rolling with goons, be confident, and avoid bull shitting. Women in NYC have Why Hookup Finance Guys Is The Best shit radars midwestern sorostitutes tend to lack. When I first went to the city I would lie about my age because I thought I wouldn't stand a chance if they knew I was I came to find it was actually an advantage being the youngest guy in the bar sometimes especially with cougars.

I like to pretend I have a different job than I really have. If you know a little bit about a lot of fields, you can get away with murder, because most people don't know much about anything. The key is finding out what they do before revealing your profession.

Simply pick something outside of their area of expertise, and you're fine. You don't want to go into a conversation at an informational disadvantage, so do a little bit of homework, and roll the dice. At the very least, you'll have a great time BS -ing some moronic bitch. Photographer always always works. Or better yet, former middle school teacher now pursuing photography full time. The real question should be not "where do you meet young single girls in NYC", but "what do you put in their drinks to take them home?

I used to use rohypnol when I was flush with cash before Sepbut after the crash I've started using over the counter zyrtec. I guess you could say that zyrtec is to rohypnol as steve winwood is to phil collins: What I have realized from reading all these responses, none of you men respect women at all and do not deserve to have sex with them.

Makes me wonder who raised you people? All of you will most likely end up on Craigslist or a sugar click at this page site. This is where all the finance read article go because they have no social life and every girl knows it.

Seriously, there are more girls looking to extend college with daddy issues looking to get slammed on cheap beer there than I have ever seen in NYC. Sure Hoboken chicks are ridiculously easy It really takes a lot of work to make them take that deep shameful post-coital introspective stare into the abyss that makes them hate themselves to the point of tears which is when I truly climax.

And lets face it, that type of effort and creativity is wasted on a girl you're only going to see once. Its like spending all day beating the shit out of an aerosol can with a hammer and leaving right before it explodes.

Why Hookup Finance Guys Is The Best

And I doubt you are doing anything at this point in time because the OP probably doesn't have a gf. Now go put your pjs on, brush your teeth and get to bed. Get back to work pussy. Take a lap sport. They're not as big as the larger places and give that exclusive vibe. I always see a bunch of great looking chicks at them and the drink prices are normal.

Excel Model Templates and Training. Well, Tinder can keep their year-old, cashless candidates. The question is even more revealing than I suspect the person who posted it realized.

Most of the people there are just there to have a good time and don't give two shits about what you do. Another solid smaller electronic music spot would be Sullivan Room - bonus there is, like Love, if you want to go for the NYU crowd, it's in the village.

I have reconsidered my position, and now have what I feel is a much better place for a young man like yourself to go: Rick's Cabaret- you will find the most honest women in the city here. Is it just me, or does it seem like there are a ton of DealBreaker ass hats trolling this thread? Go back to bitching at Bess faggots.

Why Hookup Finance Guys Is The Best

Im pretty sure the Why Hookup Finance Guys Is The Best is that you're the dipshit. First you tried getting at this kid because he was asking how to talk to girls So now your trying to get at him because he asked where's a good NY spot to meet girls Not sure what the fuck you're talking about Which would probably lead me to believe that you're quite challenged with the ladies and try to make yourself feel better by asserting your superiority on some out of town summer analyst trying to get some pointers on the best place to Roethlisberger a jappy NYC chick in a bathroom stall.

Don't make fun of him! You might hurt his feelings over an anonymous internet forum! And Halberstram, your first post was absolutely hilarious. I heard that if you go to any bar and immediately tell everyone in the near vicinity that you're a banker on a crossfit program and tip your source to all the ladies, this increases your likeliness of getting a young hunnie into a guarantee.

Why would you NOT want to go to "random bars"? If what you want is women who are DTF, that's the equivalent of a fisherman who decides that he doesn't want to go to where the fish are feeding.

I am afraid that you are going to be very disappointed if you think being a banker and having a fat bonus will get you chicks. They will follow up with what type of contract and I explain to them how I restructure gargoyles for a living.