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September 29, by CH. We here at Chateau Heartiste have been pretty uniform in our assertion that relationships and marriages are more loving, and more sexually fulfilling, when men and women abide their ancient biological roles. Happiness comes from respecting the god of biomechanics.

Unhappiness from denying him. In a study sure to make feminists apoplectic, it was discovered that couples who share household chores are more likely to divorce.

In what appears to be a slap in the face for gender equality, the report found the divorce rate among couples who shared housework equally was around 50 per cent higher than among those more info the woman did most of the work.

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The lack of correlation between equality at home and quality of life was surprising, the researcher said. Women have been claiming for God knows how long that they want a man who will do his share of the housework, but when he does, their vaginas dry up like the Sahara. You see, equality of the sexes is a myth. A strong, masculine man is too busy — and too proud — to do shit like that.

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He has a mission in life outside the home, and women love that about him, even when they claim otherwise. But when it comes to housework, women in Norway still account for most of it in seven out of 10 couples. Dr Frank Furedi, Sociology professor at the University of Canterbury, said the study made sense as chore sharing took place more among couples from middle class professional backgrounds, where divorce rates are known to be high.

Steer clear Bodybuilder Hookup Meme About Bitches & Niggas And Flies ballcutting battle axes with honey-do lists. In fact they found that it was the men who were happier while their wives and girlfriends appeared to be largely unmoved.

Call this the Manboob-Schwyzer Syndrome. Guys do housework because they think it is the way to appease feminist shrikes, and then feel happy about contributing, while check this out get more depressed as their attraction for an apron-wearing kitchen bitch plummets. You want to kill the sexual vibe in your wife?

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Start splitting the housework. You want to keep the love strong? Let her clean the house. I really hope click here harpies at Jizzebel read this and shake violently from surprise orgasm.

Another Bodybuilder Hookup Meme About Bitches & Niggas And Flies on why housework makes men happier could be the fact that men enjoy accomplishing tasks, just because. Heartiste is spot on, as usual in his observations. Maybe you should read this article several more times, and than elaborate your last several failed attempts and compare the notes before you respond?

A middle-class guy whose working wife complains about the amount of housework that needs to be done, would do better by just hiring a Bodybuilder Hookup Meme About Bitches & Niggas And Flies lady to come in once or twice a week. As to society of late, hire a pool boy if she has a problem with your nubile young lovely in a tube top prancing around. Sure, but it feels so manly to point-out…. A certain alpha who loves to dust is going to have to fill us in on exactly how it makes him feel happy.

Over the past 20 years, the rockstarization of chefs, and SWPLs diet obsession, have placed food preparation so front and center of cool, that I doubt any woman would find some Iron Chef a deballed bitch, even if he happened to wield his craft in her kitchen.

Even if they are accomplished. Gordon Ramsey or a famous chef? Otherwise, she cooks or you get take-out. The other problem is most restaurants today are chains. Places like Olive Garden, Ouback, etc. Modern women are fucking clueless. If I left the cleaning duties solely to the women in my life, I would be surrounded by mountains of garbage. Any female born after seems to be able to tolerate a level of filth that would make a pig vomit another triumph of feminism. Getting women to clean up after themselves is just another civilizing aspect of being with a man.

It offers nothing to anyone with intellect. In contrast, the vast majority of violent crime is done by blacks. Also, the asian community here is diverse, and not only chinese.

No, you state your expectations clearly and enforce them. Failure to comply means she gets rotated. Yup, see any college or military barracks lately… both men and women are pigs when left to their own devices these days, sadly.

Just let them burn. Girls are much more likely to hafta have a boyfriend, even if he is sorry. This leads them to have feral males and beta orbiters I gotta throw out the house for being loud at 2 in the morning. Every female roomate Ive ever had tried to move her boyfriend in; and he was always a sorry mofo. Meanwhile, every guy roomate always wanted learn more here away from the girlfriend… just say no click at this page female roommates.

Like Liked by 1 person. Like Liked by 2 people. I am Bodybuilder Hookup Meme About Bitches & Niggas And Flies young. Which affirms it even more actually. In a ridiculously feminized region such as Scandinavia, women are happier when they are doing traditional roles. Another bullet into the corpse of Feminism.

The study author did note that the house work sharers were predominantly drawn from a high divorce risk group to begin with. And that does likely have lots to do with it.

Many women who do most of the housework, are likely stay at home. Meaning less likely to be out and about, hit on by everyone from her boss to hairy game book authors looking for a flag. Also, the stay at homes are more likely to have kids; as in, some other biological purpose than trying to get pregnant.

Furthermore, a stay at home woman, obviously has a husband with the socioeconomic standing to actually support her in that role. Meaning, someone with at least some traces of alphatude to begin with. I somehow doubt a bald, 4 foot tall unemployed gnome with no prospects, no past and no future, will somehow transform into Mr.

There are more factors then gender and amount of housework. Age and nationality for example. Science is fun but of limited use when data is taken out of context and used to make people think in generalities and statistics. My problem with this study is more along the lines of what Stuki commented.

An alpha is supposed to have a harem. Where are you going to have your way with the other women? In a few seconds the bell will ring with a visitor to Bodybuilder Hookup Meme About Bitches & Niggas And Flies place.

She needs to be gone within an hour because the main squeeze comes over then. Now, a lot of cleaning up around the home is good for making sure the other girls did not leave any traces behind.

What traces will get you caught? Where are the best, last second places to hide things? Can you flush condoms safely down the toilet or could they come back up somehow at the wrong time? They almost got me caught a few times.

They fly off and land on the floor somewhere. Remember when I wrote above that you should always let them do the dishes. That depends on who and when. Woe be to the man who gives his main squeeze free reign to clean the place top to bottom when harem members are keeping things like nightgowns and vibrators in hidden places. Best places to hide things?

As for clothes left behind: If she gets pissed, deny all knowledge.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme About Bitches & Niggas And Flies

Let that hamster spin. Why are you worried about getting caught? I have a routine after a girl leaves my place. You risk 18 years of child support payments if you slack off just once with this rule. After use, go into the bathroom, turn it inside out, rinse thoroughly, turn it back the right way. Then sprinkle in a bit of cayenne pepper from a little baggie you keep in your pocket and put it in the bathroom wastebasket.

If later in the evening you start hearing screaming from the bathroom, that's your signal to put on your pants and leave. But some people get off on the drama of almost getting caught, like the guy here who clearly sprang a boner just TYPING about the wine corks and hairs link the bathroom and oh my what a scandal!!!

So if that floats your boat more power to ya lol. No respect for cheaters.

There are a lot of correlations that stem from this. Thanks for that then, I guess. Now, I will say that almost half of my close friends now are Asian. Most Americans never even hear anything about anything that happens there anymore. Firepower took the opportunity to insult my intelligence, there.

I do agree with not giving her your key though. Here, I dug it up for you.

Bodybuilder Hookup Meme About Bitches & Niggas And Flies

That comment on the other post was well done YaReally. But as you often do when you AMOG here, you made my point or at least noted when an exception must be made. Like a married beta who had just learned game I could not change the rules on her.

It is true that most of the other girls I date now, know she exists and that she is primary. Sometimes, with the hottest of visitors, I hide the card knowing I will be smart enough to place it back in its rightful position before the Primary returns. And even with all your good points, a good security check between women is a good idea more often than not.