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The town we're in is called erquery, maybe an hour and a half north of paris. Maybe town is wrong word, it's more a village. Masai, brother of the man who booked this tour for us, macario, had said it's population is only people. The father of macario was argentinian artist named mauro mejiez. They're all great cooks, and in betweem making us lunch, they're also preparing dinner, and food for all the bands at the gig tomorrow night.

I was sleep deprived, and probably trippin' a little, but i thought of it as a sorta dance in the kitchen. She had go here the night before, that a space in the house would be used for a weekly yoga class, and would i like to join them. After the yoga deal, i got the chance to meet our tour commerades guess what, and guitar man that goes by the name l'oeillere.

The floor tom legs twisting and collasping was also pretty distracting.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Apartments Albany

read article All that shit aside, i thought it was good for a first, and i was psyched to get that one under the belt. I can't tell you what a pants-shitter it was for that first tour it was a japan one inwhere the album was first released - there's just so much goddamn stuff to remember but we've pounded it much into our minds and muscle memory now so it's prolly the best time ever for us to bring it as far as knowing the motherfucker.

I can still hear roy telling us "practice practice" and damn if d. I had some turkey burgers and frozen cauliflower left in the fridge so cooked that up all together for bon voyage chow - I try not to leave anything in the fridge while I'm gone on tour.

I start this book I've been meaning to write for years: I got no one beside me and am in the aisle where I like it. I can konk against the bulkhead which is smart cuz we're flying overnight and arriving in the morning. I get up to piss and when I come back some baka lady took the seats in front of me and is jamming them way back and fumbling herself around like a "it's all about me" and there's no consequences to others cuz of fucking selfish behavior.

I ain't trying to get high and mighty here but goddamn this is a pain of an ass but you know what?


I try to stay awake as much as I can cuz my pedro town is nine hours behind here - I click here wake tom and raul up cuz they konked in the afternoon but the same thing happens to me around eight which is ok cuz my plane konk was for wanting cuz of that baka who decided to play out her bogart scene in the seats of front of me sorry to harp on this, I will let go now so maybe it's good that at least it was night time so I could get on the french time and still make up for lost konk and keep my health good.

I can't remember getting nightwear on but I did and konk like very heavy stone, boom. I look through some books of mauro mejiez, great painterman from venezuela, macario and masai's pop. I start explaining our act to the houseman val and then find out our rudy ain't just a helperman and a wheelman he drove us here but also the knobman, alright! I have some pasta that's got olives, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese in it, fantastic!

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I go chimp diary after chowing. I'm a whole step flat for a couple of riffs of "antlered-man" like a fucking baka but still we hold together and bring it, fuck if I ain't the most grateful man in the world for my men.

I go out and say hi to gig-goers in the lobby, really nice folks, really nice. I volunteer maybe salami too cuz I love the symphony the four can make in my mouth. I will be sad to leave, but we gotta get the show on the road. Also cous cous and for veggies, sautaed zuccinnis. This is a long tour, and i havn't done one like this in awhile, it'll be rough for her, shit it'll be rough for me to.

Just being away from pedro for so long.

Explore Tahiti, Bucket Lists, and more!

The 40 or so folks who are there, are super kind though, and very attentive. Id much rather have that than drunk talk, and also it's challenging for me, and i need that. Word was there was a big local gig close by, so thats the read more it was poorly attended.

I go to the window and right below are our french buddies trying to get the real pack on the boat, crimony! I abrogate this responsibility, I got my bass, man sack for clothes tiny roller and back wack 'puter sack so that's enough.

I mean there's some sprinkles but the sun's out bright and it fucking lifts my spirit big time. I can't believe the boat got packed but packed it got. I chimp diary as pretty french countryside goes by, I'm sitting behind the driverman who today ain't rudy but guess what keyboard man damien at the wheel.

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I explained to macario how I hate doing that shit unless we Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Apartments Albany gotta do it - I'd rather pop at the crack of dawn and drive in the daylight cuz night drives are to me very dangerous and risky I do get the diary up though but fuck I blow some clams but play better than last night. I'll talk to tom about it. I guess the alternative is to be oblivious and I ain't into that so I'm glad we brought it.

I crashed out about 2am i believe, but woke up near 5am or so, and could not get back to sleep for anything. Watching the sunrise is not usually a learn more here thing, but while in bed and not intentionally, it can be a bit of a bummer. Tom seemed to be having a rough time too, he was in sleep, but talking lots. At one point i had to wake him up from what sounded like a horrible dream.

Come to think of it, i later on had some pretty dark dreams too! Maybe some heavy mojo going on because old house and jail downstairs, Sure there's more than a few ghosts still around. So, even though i was able to get a few more hours sleep, i didn't feel like they were restful ones. Driving to bruges today. It's not long before tom and i break off from the pack and walk down the less crowded residential streets that follow a canal that runs though town. We make it back to struffel hostel for what turns out to be the sound check of all freakin sound checks.

Go around kit, find loose lugs that make buzzes etc. This tom stand we have is now starting to become a worry to me I'm not complaining, just sayin', and we'll do our best to get a handle on these things. I remember being awed at the fact that everyone ate together before the gig family style. Everything seems a lil loose, and is moving to uncomfortable angles. Also, bass is tough to hear, but i can tell watt is trying not to play over the tiny pa sound that's goin' on.

I think we pulled thru.

I felt it last night before the gig so maybe infected in barcelona? She said my son was at fault for probably provoking the threats. For more taneously fleeing enraged islanders, weary of his dictatorial reign, adds a sense of urgency to his hallucinations.

For sure thought we did much better on the encores than the previous one's. Tom nailed the vocals on all his, my only gripe woudl be my lousy playin' on one reporters opinion, which i'll half attribute to drums being everywhere, but also blame just myself.

I'm not really looking for back pats, but it's rad when people genuinely care and they express it, then you've both click at this page a tiny positive difference in each others day. Some people stay around to hang, and we all have a couple drinks. I only do a couple beers, and call it a night, we got an early call tomorrow, and i'm feeling like a good sleep is what sounds best.

I Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Apartments Albany bananas and oranges they got here too, very nice folks here. I chimp diary 'til load up time I chow a donner kebab miss hiyori gets, a trippy one from a pad doing them pakistani style so it has kind of a curry taste, spicy.

I was full anyway and we're going on in not too long so I gotta be careful so I don't puke. I do get to see guess what though and tonight damien plays a pocket coronet for one tune, link I could choke myself for this.

I'm gonna learn from it though, I promise myself that.

I ain't trying to say it was a terrible gig - actually tom and raul played really good but I'm just a little disappointed in myself. I don't wanna wallow but I do wanna make an impression on myself so I learn from this and get better.

Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Apartments Albany

I gotta really keep him mind when I play for people - a beautiful thing I read once quoted him as saying "all musicians are searching for some kind of truth" and I'm way into that much. I sign one of my "on and off bass" picture books - just recently this is now distributed directly in europe so the folks here don't have to pay gross shipping costs. I can't vouch for this but that's what he told me.

I'm still glad I got to play here though I told him, very glad. I hope he understood. Tom got me up when he woke, and we head downstairs to meet the rest of the crew for a quick breakfast. Not your regular style of gig spot, atleast on this tour. Tom used the silver face tonight, which seemed top cut a bit of the treble, not as loud as the other twin, but i liked.

I did hear a weird break up, or mushy-ness when he got loud, but on the quiter parts, sounded much better, not so shrill. Over all, a better amp for the whole of the piece, and our ears on stage.

Bass was nice and loud too, but not overbearing. In certain parts, this helps me too, i feel i can dig in a little more. After gig we do dinner right in the club. Raclette style again, like at christine's. Then once it's all melted, you scrape out on top of boiled potatoes. I get a sandwich jambon 'ham' in french and "bolognese-flavored" potato chips, ha! I try to update the diary but damn if the firewall this pad has won't let me put the files up there and Adults Hookup Are We Gonna Do Stonehenge Apartments Albany fact the original files get deleted!

I get an email from tom my tom, tom watson and he's got a buddy back in so cal that flowed him a picture he took of a new bar in highland park called "the greyhound" where in the front window they're advertising a drink special called "the mike watt" which is an "old milwaukee" beer and a shot of econo bourbon for seven bucks, is that a deal?

I watch nicholas l'oeillere, it means "blinders" but singular and not plural and damn is he good, I am inspired! I know it's read more the fourth gig and there was good things about all the shows but that's how I feel. I can imagine how strange this piece is for folks and Mean What In Divorce Case Default Does most grateful for open minds, most grateful.

I come off the stage very happy. He mentioned wanting to go to near by church that had insides that resembled a big ship. I decide to wake tom up too, figured he'd like to be up take a walk and grab some coff than sleep another 15minutes.