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20 May A guy called Don told me he felt more comfortable with Asian guys since more of them wanted something similar (in terms of a relationship), while Caucasian men were either interested in a hookup or seemed much older than him. Another person, Jason agreed with this and said that he preferred Asian. 31 May Hey, white guys. You probably know by now that having an Asian girlfriend is a rite of passage for all white men. “Date an Asian chick” has become akin to “Go skydiving” or “Live in New York” in the veritable white guy bucket list. Of course, dating an Asian girl is very different from dating your typical Nancy. 19 Jun I'll put aside the fact that broadcasting your distaste for an entire race, or multiple races, in the year is really dumb in addition to being racist as fuck, and just challenge the Every Black and Asian man who grew up on this planet grew up surrounded by positive images of whiteness and white men.

You see it all the time; foreign men of every color with Chinese girls. Chinese girls throw themselves at Western men and even the ones that don't are very open to dating a Western man. But when you look around, how often do you see Asian men with white or foreign women?

Does it only happen in the popular show The Walking Dead? Rumors about inadequate manhood aside, what is stopping us western girls from hooking up with Asian men? Lack of fashion sense. A good pair of shoes would do it, really. Chinese attitudes towards women can still be somewhat old fashioned, expecting us to abstain from drinking or smoking, and generally worrying too much about what delicate flowers we are.

When was the last time you saw a Chinese guy kiss his girlfriend in public? While I believe it's all a matter of personal taste, as a Westerner, I have been attracted to many different races, but never Asian. Well here are a few of my thoughts to add to the ones please click for source above.

I like Hookup White Guys Vs Asian Guys, hairy, manly men. It's a difficult feat to find a Chinese man that tall, at least here in the South. And a lot of Asian men either have baby faces or feminine features.

I like a cut jawline that can grow some stubble. How many Asian men do you know that can grow facial hair? While I do love brown eyes, it's usually only if the man has blond hair. Ok, call me weird, but brown eyes with blond hair is a big turn-on. Not dyed blond hair, yuck! But if a man has dark hair, I prefer blue eyes.

That's just not going to happen on a Chinese man. Like shyness listed above, lack of self-confidence doesn't do anything for me but make me think we could be friends at best. I'm turned on by a man who knows what he wants and goes for it, without being an arrogant douche bag. And that includes in his professional life, his relationships with others and his romantic life. The myth may be true. Maybe Asian men do have some "shortcomings" in the genital area.

I am simply not attracted to them enough to find out. I spoke to Alice, a local girl who dates exclusively foreigners, to learn more about the shortcomings of Chinese men.

Vancouver's Asian men fear women prefer white guys

What do you think are the main differences between Chinese guys and foreign guys? When I was in Shenzhen, I was dating an American guy.

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link He took me to the tallest building in Shenzhen, which is now the St Regis Hotel. Back then, the building was still under construction. We could the whole city lit up before us. So are local guys really a lost cause? As a recently single girl, I hope not, or else my options are seriously limited here.

I spoke to Kate, from the U. S, who has been with her Chinese boyfriend Jack for 6 months. We met at my local gym.

He was a super cute personal trainer. I met him back in October, and it took me ages to pluck up the courage to speak to him. Jack has his life put together; he has his own money, he does laundry, and he always picks up the tab.

Answers to match questions have been getting significantly less biased over time: When you get there, look around: We could the whole city lit up before us. If anything, racial bias has intensified a bit. Nonetheless, I'm curious what explanation you would offer of the clear fact that western women don't date chinese fellas nearly as much as western fellas date the chinese ladies.

He is fantastic in bed. Because he is strong he has no problems picking me up or throwing me over his shoulder. Western women dating Asian men does happen but it's definitely not going to become mainstream anytime soon. Life isn't like The Lovera film made in the early 90's, where a beautiful French girl goes to Indonesia and has a torrid, steamy affair with an uber-hot, wealthy Chinese man.

So there we have it.

Hookup White Guys Vs Asian Guys

Like anything, dating is a personal choice; but personally, I still believe that the vast majority of Chinese guys are simply not hot. Maybe I just source to get to know them better, and then I really would consider giving up public displays of affection in exchange for my favorite breakfast every day.

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If you're looking for love, whether learn more here be a Chinese man or not, check out City Weekend's Personals. You never know who or what you might find! CallieMac - Jun 12, CallieMac - May 20, CallieMac - May 19, Please login or Register to post comments. You've reached the limit of allowed deals. For more information Contact us. You've reached the limit of allowed housing listing. Bakeries Cafes Chinese Delivery Dessert.

Southeast Asian Taiwanese Vegetarian. Huadou Huangpu Liwan Luogang Nansha. By achinacat Fri, Sep 12, Thu, Aug 27, Is this your type? The reasons Rumors about inadequate manhood aside, what is stopping us western girls from hooking up with Asian men?

Are foreign men better in bed than Chinese? Where did you meet Jack and how long have you been together? Bungee jumping on Baiyun Mountain. What are the main differences between dating Jack and dating a western guy? And what about the sex, any size issues? The perks of dating a personal trainer. After monitoring the population for several years experts have seen their numbers I've had 2 long term Chinese female partners, both of whom were I Hookup White Guys Vs Asian Guys seriously involved with and had kids.

They'd even argue with me about buying them the wrong kind of juice etc. I'd spend and do spend a fortune on them for birthdays nothing less than jewellery yet often get nothing in return, not even a card, same when I would buy them gifts on behalf of my children for them on mothers day, not even a card from them on fathers day.

My first partner kidnapped my oldest child and took him Hookup White Guys Vs Asian Guys without my knowledge or consent, he was 2 weeks short of turning one and I never saw him until after his second birthday. My second partner is so reliant on her mother and insists her idiotic mater stays with us allowing her to interfere with the raising of our sons detrimentally under the ruse of being here to help baby sit.

I come home to find my 2yr old son running around with kitchen knives and scissors under her supervision while she shakes my infant son violently to sleep.

Hookup White Guys Vs Asian Guys

It must be normal to shake babies to sleep in China. Neither my ex nor my current partner would stand up to their parents in the cause of reason. I've been told by both my ex and current Chinese partner that love is silly and has no place in a relationship, that love is a luxury and intimacy is scarce. Unless you are willing to completely submit, and kowtow to a Chinese woman you will always Hookup White Guys Vs Asian Guys at odds and it is likely the relationship won't last.

They are a completely different culture to the west with different values which are their way, often completely opposed to western values. When they have money, they will laud it over you, and if you are honest with them, they won't respect it and expect you to give them nearly all you have.

The first time I was in China with my current partner she got annoyed over something trivial, very annoyed; I was annoyed it was so trivial and couldn't wait until we got home in private.

She completely abandoned me in a totally alien place with no knowledge of Mandarin or any money and didn't even apologise even until now over 2 years later. She's done it more than once. Both of them have deliberately drawn blood on me, I never did on them. Be warned, beauty is skin deep, madness cuts to the bone. Chinese women come from a different culture where human empathy and compassion aren't always necessarily the driving purpose of their interest in you.

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Share Adjust Comment Print. I spoke to Alice, a local girl who dates exclusively foreigners, to learn more about the shortcomings of Chinese men. In one scene in the movie, a young Caucasian man eyes and approaches the main character Ryan as he and his love interest Ning dance in a nightclub.

Nonetheless, I'm curious what explanation you would offer of the clear fact that western women don't date chinese fellas nearly as much as western fellas date the chinese ladies. Like 3 Dislike http://hookupslvl.info/rv-hookups/24582458v-dating-24582458l.php Report 7.

I can't believe City Weekend would run something that is thinly veiled racism and extremely stereotypical at best. I'm an American woman living in China and married to a Chinese man. He is fashionable, outgoing, kisses me in public and always holds my handhas great hygiene, and is a wonderful husband. Not only is this article offensive, it's not anywhere near credible.

So, "the bottom line is" this is just an insensitive opinion of some random person. It's not an "investigation" or thorough study based on reality.

It also isn't humorous.